Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday's Birthday's Birthday's

October is a busy month full of birthday's!  Mary is first on the 1st, Jeremy is second on the 4th, and Dorian is third on the 25th.  Here are some pictures so you can enjoy the celebrations.

 Mary's birthday pancakes. :)

 Oh, she thought it was her birthday. :(

 The boy's picked out trick candles.
 Dorian fixed Jeremy breakfast for his birthday!
 WOW!  That's a great looking birthday party!

 I made a homemade strawberry cake from scratch!  It was a winner!

 Dorian with his good buddy Logan.
D's birthday pancakes. ;)
D's cake was also a homemade chocolate cake from scratch!  Also a winner. :o

Mary's birthday

This year we did things a little different for birthdays.  Mary's was the first of change.  We decided that the kids are getting older and there are so many children in our group of friends that we want to go smaller.  So we are trying to celebrate smaller.  The problem is that some of our children are VERY social and LOVE people.  So Jeremy had the idea of a "ladies lunch" for Mary.  Here are some pictures!

The birthday princess!

Her girlfriends!
Oh, did I mention it was a surprise!
She was pretty excited.
Chocolate Cake from Dumplins!

Change of Perspective

The holidays are here and as usual I started to feel a little gloomy about the whole thing.  So I started reading Ecclesiastes the other night and it changed my perspective (good thing Gods word is alive).  I think sometimes I forget that I am a child of God and he has given me so much to enjoy.  Instead of feeling that all things are vanity and pointless (which is usually my thoughts) I'm choosing the other side of Ecclesiastes.  To enjoy the fruit of my labor.  He has given me a wonderful husband and children!  A warm home filled with food and drink!  Good friends and good times.  I'm going to be thankful and enjoy what God has given me this year.

I feel so burdened for the lost and the direction our nation has gone and is going.  I have to choose not to be consumed with these burdens.  I have to be able to enjoy my life while keeping perspective about this world.  I am in this world, but not of this world.  I don't have to be gloomy or live in fear about what I cannot change.  I'm called to have love and pray.  So that is what I will do.  I'm so thankful that I have the hope of Jesus Christ in my life.  For without hope I have nothing. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thinking about food and money!

~Once again we are looking at ways to save money.  With a large family I think we are always looking at this.  But sometimes we get carried away, not paying attention to where we are spending money. We let stuff creep into your house with out realizing it.  Before you know it it's time to clean out the house, maybe for a yard sale!  But today I'm thinking about my pantry/refrigerator.  We eat pretty healthy for the most part, but like all things, bad (easy) food creeps in and before I know it we are eating junk food or spending money needlessly on food we don't really need.  I usually stick to the basics of food and that makes it easy.  Easy on our bodies and easy on our wallet!  So I thought I would encourage readers to look at the basics.  If you are way beyond this, you can start slow.  Every little bit helps.

I like to think about our bodies like cooking.  When you are cooking you have to be pretty careful what you put in your food.  If you put one small rotten piece of food in the whole thing is ruined.  If you are using spices or salt, you have to be careful not to "stub your toe" like my mother used to say when she over did it.  The right ingredients are important to make a good dish.  Sooooo let's look at what we put into our bodies.  Pay attention to even the smallest piece of food you are eating.  It does something to you weather you are realizing it or not.  How can it not, your body is constantly working.  Is what you are eating going to help or hinder your body?  Also don't forget the amount of what you eat.  

For my family we started eating the way we eat due to finances, but slowly we recognized what we were eating was really making us feel bad, tired, grumpy, sick.  We even noticed a difference in our health.  We were getting sick way less and had quicker recoveries when we did get sick.  It just makes sense.  So here are the basics

meat- cow, goat, sheep, wild game(deer, squirrel, turkey, fish)
real milk, butter, and cheese (either processed at home or organic from the store)
olive oil

We do eat other things like popcorn, nuts, honey, but for the most of it this is it.  Be creative and find good recipes using good food.  I hear a lot of people say "we can't afford to eat healthy.  But what you quickly realize is you can't afford to eat healthy AND unhealthy.  If all you are buying is healthy you save, not only on groceries, but on the DOC.  You are also eating out less due to "eating right". 

I love taking care of my family and this is one of the biggest areas that I can be a good Steward over.   Not to say we never eat out or eat junk.  But trying to follow the rule not the exception this is a good way of life.

Good eating AND saving money!$!

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is the day!

I woke up singing this song and just thought I would share!

This is the day.  This is the day that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice.  I will rejoice and be glad in it, and be glad in it.  This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.  This is the day.  This is the day that the Lord has made.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Aunt Cheryl!

Went to lunch with my Aunt and sister today.  I just want to write about how much I love and appreciate my Aunt Cheryl.  She has been a mother figure in my life for a long time.  She has taught me what I know about sewing.  She taught me how to can my garden!  She taught me how to embroider.  If I ever have a cooking question she is always right there with the answer.  I don't think she ever tires of my questions and if she does she never shows it.  She has patients as long as the world is round.  She is a caring, loving, and an extremely giving person.  I've never seen someone so involved in their children's  and grand children's lives.  When you go to her house (which by the way you are ALWAYS welcome at) you can help yourself to anything, plop on the couch, just make yourself at home.  I have learned so much from this woman.  I love you Aunt Cheryl!

Monday, August 16, 2010


We started lessons last Monday with hopes of a relaxed year!  It's amazing how much you change from year to year.  Evaluating is a good thing.  You would think a life full of six children, I would be overwhelmed, but this year I have the peace of God that he has shown me my way.  He has carved out our year with his word, studying character, reading real books, writing, art, unit studies, math, field trips, and lots of fun!  I am going into this year with a relaxed mental attitude trusting that the Holy Spirit will lead me in all things.  He is a good God and when you are walking on the path of his will, obedient to His word He blesses you and bestows his peace upon you.  Things may not always seem good, but you can have His peace always.

I think the one of best parts of curriculum is reading REAL books.  They are so full of information that becomes alive to you as you read.  For my older children they get the pleasure of reading these books for themselves.  As for my younger children I get that pleasure.  One of the biggest things I am concentrating on this year is reading to my little ones.

I get amazed to see the younger ones picking up so much.  I was planning on starting some preschool lessons with Malachi and Makayla, but soon decided that I didn't think I was going to have time for that.  We have done lessons for a week and didn't hear a word out of them about what they wanted to do until this morning.  They were begging me do do their "school jobs" (their words).  Soooo here we go.  Lessons for preschoolers.  I guess they are ready sometimes before we are!

  A new week, a new plan.  It's all good!

Someone told me to look at our lives as fluid instead of being flexible.  If your flexible you can still break but fluid just flows.  It may go through different things, take different routes, but it is still flowing.  It's going to get where it's going it just might not be a straight shot.  That's how I need to look at teaching my children day in and day out.

As most people are sending their blessings away I get to welcome mine into my living room every morning for a day full of adventure!

Joyful Mother

Friday, August 6, 2010

Little man

Little man was born March 5 2010

We decided now that we have six to save money.  Better late then never!  Right?  So we are using cloth diapers.  I've tried different ones but the prefold with the thristies cover are my favorite : )
 He is eating baby food and loving that.  Every time he sees food he gets excited.  So when I feed him something he gets this confused look on his face and if it's a winner he sticks out his tongue.  It's pretty funny.

 He is pretty opinionated.  He grunts/growls when he doesn't like something.  I think it's amazing what little guys know and understand at such a young age.  Like for instance he loves water.  Jeremy put his feet in the pool and then started to walk away.  Well little man was not happy about that one bit, he wanted IN.  So as any good parent should do Jeremy stripped him down and put him in!

It's so interesting the more children you have how much the many little things and worries don't matter like they did before, but the milestones in their lives are still so important and fascinating. 
Any way just wanted to introduce the 8th member of out family he has been a true blessing and gift from God.


He's about 4 month in these 2 pictures.  
They are two of my favorites!

Joyful Mother

Thursday, March 11, 2010

To The Ends of the Earth!

I love this song.  One day during family worship we were singing this and God gave me a picture of what we are doing when we have children.  We are taking God's story to the ends of the earth.  Think about having as many children as you can, teaching your children God's heart about children so that they will have as many as they can, and so on.  What you are doing is spreading the Gospel and Love of Christ through out the world.  You yourself as one person will never touch the ends of the earth, but through your obiediance to be fruitful and multiply you will.  So I just wanted to share this song with you.

Love unfailing, overtaking my heart, you take me in finding peace again, fear is lost in all you are

and I would give the world to tell your story cause I know that you've called me I kow that you've called me I've lost myself for good within your promise and I won't hide it, I won't hide it

Jesus I believe in you and I would go, to the ends of the earth, to the ends of the earth for you alone are the son of god and all the world will see that you are God, that you are God

Monday, February 1, 2010

Accomplishment vs. Survival

There are so many seasons to life.  Sometimes you are doing well, your on top of everything, you don't miss a beat.  Lessons are done, chores are done, your children are obedient, supper is done, your caught up on your self grooming, your schedule is laid out and it's wonderful.  Your completing everything by the end of the day.  You lay your head on the pillow and ahh peace!  You've accomplished life for that day.  Then you wake up one day and everything goes arwy.  Survival kicks in.  Kids are sick, your sick, you've got funerals, baby showers, and meetings to plan and attend.  You feel like your children never listen and they haven't learned anything you've taught them.  Your buying land trying to be out of your rental by the time the lease is up so you don't have to pay another outrageous payment.  Your preparing for your own baby to be born, trying to find everything you need out of storage, washing clothes, and trying to bake snacks for after the baby.  You do well to get devotions done, one of their lessons done, maybe the floor swept, it's supper time and you hear the words "what's for supper", you notice you haven't painted your toenails in a while, and did you kiss your husband today.  Now you lay your head upon the pillow and ahh you survived.
The amazing thing is even during survival you can still have peace.  Knowing that God is Soverign, he is in control of everything, and he loves you is a wonderful thing.  Sometimes we have to give up our thoughts, schedule, the way we think things should go in a day and say "Lord whatever you want today."  "Teach me your will today."  "I trust you and know that all things work out to the good of those who love you."  "I am yours, my husband is yours, and my children are yours."

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