Monday, February 1, 2010

Accomplishment vs. Survival

There are so many seasons to life.  Sometimes you are doing well, your on top of everything, you don't miss a beat.  Lessons are done, chores are done, your children are obedient, supper is done, your caught up on your self grooming, your schedule is laid out and it's wonderful.  Your completing everything by the end of the day.  You lay your head on the pillow and ahh peace!  You've accomplished life for that day.  Then you wake up one day and everything goes arwy.  Survival kicks in.  Kids are sick, your sick, you've got funerals, baby showers, and meetings to plan and attend.  You feel like your children never listen and they haven't learned anything you've taught them.  Your buying land trying to be out of your rental by the time the lease is up so you don't have to pay another outrageous payment.  Your preparing for your own baby to be born, trying to find everything you need out of storage, washing clothes, and trying to bake snacks for after the baby.  You do well to get devotions done, one of their lessons done, maybe the floor swept, it's supper time and you hear the words "what's for supper", you notice you haven't painted your toenails in a while, and did you kiss your husband today.  Now you lay your head upon the pillow and ahh you survived.
The amazing thing is even during survival you can still have peace.  Knowing that God is Soverign, he is in control of everything, and he loves you is a wonderful thing.  Sometimes we have to give up our thoughts, schedule, the way we think things should go in a day and say "Lord whatever you want today."  "Teach me your will today."  "I trust you and know that all things work out to the good of those who love you."  "I am yours, my husband is yours, and my children are yours."

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