Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday's Birthday's Birthday's

October is a busy month full of birthday's!  Mary is first on the 1st, Jeremy is second on the 4th, and Dorian is third on the 25th.  Here are some pictures so you can enjoy the celebrations.

 Mary's birthday pancakes. :)

 Oh, she thought it was her birthday. :(

 The boy's picked out trick candles.
 Dorian fixed Jeremy breakfast for his birthday!
 WOW!  That's a great looking birthday party!

 I made a homemade strawberry cake from scratch!  It was a winner!

 Dorian with his good buddy Logan.
D's birthday pancakes. ;)
D's cake was also a homemade chocolate cake from scratch!  Also a winner. :o

Mary's birthday

This year we did things a little different for birthdays.  Mary's was the first of change.  We decided that the kids are getting older and there are so many children in our group of friends that we want to go smaller.  So we are trying to celebrate smaller.  The problem is that some of our children are VERY social and LOVE people.  So Jeremy had the idea of a "ladies lunch" for Mary.  Here are some pictures!

The birthday princess!

Her girlfriends!
Oh, did I mention it was a surprise!
She was pretty excited.
Chocolate Cake from Dumplins!

Change of Perspective

The holidays are here and as usual I started to feel a little gloomy about the whole thing.  So I started reading Ecclesiastes the other night and it changed my perspective (good thing Gods word is alive).  I think sometimes I forget that I am a child of God and he has given me so much to enjoy.  Instead of feeling that all things are vanity and pointless (which is usually my thoughts) I'm choosing the other side of Ecclesiastes.  To enjoy the fruit of my labor.  He has given me a wonderful husband and children!  A warm home filled with food and drink!  Good friends and good times.  I'm going to be thankful and enjoy what God has given me this year.

I feel so burdened for the lost and the direction our nation has gone and is going.  I have to choose not to be consumed with these burdens.  I have to be able to enjoy my life while keeping perspective about this world.  I am in this world, but not of this world.  I don't have to be gloomy or live in fear about what I cannot change.  I'm called to have love and pray.  So that is what I will do.  I'm so thankful that I have the hope of Jesus Christ in my life.  For without hope I have nothing. 

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