Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strawberry Picking!

What a beautiful day to pick strawberries!  We got up early today and decided to go picking.  We packed up a lunch and headed out to a fabulous farm in Fulton KY.  The kids got to see the catfish then off to pick.  I love to pick there the people are always nice and the berries are so easy to see and pick on the black plastic!  What a fun off to put them up for the next year!

Joyful Mother

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Blessings on this resurrection day!  My family enjoyed a nice meal on Friday to celebrate this joyous holiday. 

This is the first year I didn't get caught up in the commercial side of "Easter".  This is what I've wanted to do for years, just not having it in me to follow through.  I did get them each a small gift to go along with the understanding that we like to give good gifts and they like to receive them, just like our heavenly father gave his son as a gift and we get to receive Him!  I think for the first time some of the little ones got it.  It's so rewarding to see your children get something!
My home has been filled with such peace and joy this weekend...I know celebrating the way we did for our family brought such blessings.
Today we got to celebrate with a breakfast and service with our church family.  Probably one of the best gospel messages I've ever heard.  Some points surrounding the death and resurrection I've never considered!  I have been truly blessed.
I pray your day has been blessed.  I pray you received a new revelation, or maybe a renewed joy about your salvation!

Joyful Mother

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No more baggies!

I'm so excited to say I ran out of baggies and purchased no more!  Like I said before little steps...and this is my new one.  So I'm trying to be creative as to what I can store our food and gadgets around the house in.  So far...mason jars, ball freezer containers, food grade BPA free plastic.  I would love to here your ideas?  Oh one more thing it has to be budget friendly!

Joyful Mother

The little things...

As we attempt to change things around here one step at a time it is making me aware of my desperate need for God.  Hang with me as I am no "writer" I just love to jot and tiddle my thoughts.  We are taking small steps to use less power and conserve our resources.  Some of them...hanging our clothes out to dry, using little to no lights, using fans (no air)...yet!  Washing our dishes by hand, going down to a cell land line w/internet, no T.V., cloth diapers, cloth wipes, no baggies (that's my new one).
There are many reasons why we are doing these.  Some I'll share.  We want to not just be consumers, but to do our part!   We want our children to grow up with the knowledge of all of what we are doing (physically and spiritually).  Ya just never know what's coming down the road, we would like to be free of "the system", we would like to owe no man anything except to love, we desire to have the peace of God not the "peace of this world, and one last one I'll share we would like to be in tuned with nature and our bodies which we believe would give us a  more simple blessed life.
As we are doing these things I am realizing my weaknesses and my lack of discipline.  I'm having to rely on and seek God for my priorities.  I'm becoming more aware of the need to be MORE organized.  I'm realizing how much we take for granted and waste!

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