Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just a little bit...

Seems like I don't get to get on here very often, so I post several things at one time.  Hope it's not overwhelming. 

He has learned to walk just recently

once again dates...wrong. :/

Just a little bit of what we do...
drying clothes by the wood stove
heat solely with wood
baby playing nicely in his toy crate

Birthday number 1

January starts our birthday craze for the year.  With this many people birthdays get kinda crazy!  We try to keep them simple with just the family and meaningful gifts.  So this is our 3rd born Josiah.  Birthday crown made by his sister, who is quite the party girl.  She loves to make things and decorate, mostly making due with what we have around the house.  My birthday is next, actually tomorrow!!

date should read 1/26/2013 :)


These 2 girls have been a fun addition to our place.  Full Berkshire pigs, came to live with us last fall.  They are in the garden area, doing a fine job tilling!  ;)  We do plan on breeding one of them for a good time w/piglets.  They really have been a treat to watch. 

Oh yeah don't pay attention to the date on the picture.  I didn't set the date when I was taking these pictures the other day, so it went to the default date...oops


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moved in

I'm finally feeling settled.  Moving 4 times in 5 years takes it's toll on a family especially one this size!  The place we finally landed...
11 acres fenced
1 Pole barn style house
1 barn with stalls ready for animals
2 ponds
1 shed
So we are moved in as of last May!!!

Oh did I mention I had our 7th right before we moved in


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm having technical difficulties with my camera/computer right now so I hope to have some pictures up soon!
I'm getting excited about simplifying here lately.  I've been cleaning house...you know purging!  Getting rid of anything that either isn't purposeful or necessary.  I can't believe how much stuff one family can acquire over time. 
Well I got on this kick thinking...If I can simplify our home and make it easier to keep up then I can spend more time on the things I really want to spend time on.  Like My relationship with my God, my husband, my children, and my hobbies. 

Joyful Mother

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Some pictures taken by a friend...

One perfect baby

Two beautiful girls

Four handsome boys + One handsome young man

Fourth of July 2010

Forth of July 2011

Forth of July 2012