Sunday, June 30, 2013

knights and the Pope

Lots of crafts going on here lately...

Joyful Mother

Nature art


We took a wonderful nature walk and had each child collect something that reminded them of summer.  They each made lovely choices...not knowing I was going to have them draw their treasures.
Popcorn makes a great inexpensive snack that feeds a crowd! :)

Joyful Mother

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I have been so blessed.  Do you ever go through life so busy you don't even realize what is before you?  Well I'm really bad at that, but as of lately I have been given the blessing of "seeing" a bit of my life before me.  Glimpses of the precious children all around me.  Time spent playing, reading, drawing, talking, working, sleeping...oh I love these little and not so little people with my whole heart.

There has been LOTS of sleeping at our place lately...we have been getting sick one by one...with the whooping cough.  I have found some wonderful help on line with home remedies.  One of my most favorite helps has been... Rachel's blog...Clean and The Eco Mum's blog.  So we have herbs and essential oils on the way.  While we wait we are working with what I have on hand and what I could get locally.

Cutie baby's new favorite spot...he can climb, feel big up on the window sill, and see outside...his MOST favorite spot

Joyful Mother

As of lately...



We have been busy this past week
swimming in the pond
cutie baby not liking it so much
making soap
cutie baby is always trying to get in the trash :/
Joyful Mother

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

We had an enjoyable Father's day celebrating the one we love and call daddy.  We don't really take part in a lot of commercialism, but we love to use days set aside by society to make loved ones feel extra special.  So this father's day Me and my little farm girl made some homemade buns to go along with hamburgers, herb potato wedges and sautéed squash on the side.  To finish off the meal strawberry short cakes for desert!  Oh we love dessert!  One of my husbands favorite restaurants is a little place called Samon's bakery...he said the buns tasted "better" then theirs...oh what a compliment!

We finished off the evening with a little game of UNO...the kids picked this game up for their daddy when we were out doing our grocery shopping.  (he's not really a game person...but we are)  :)))

Joyful Mother

Friday, June 14, 2013

what a day

Whew what a day...the children have had lots of energy...oh if I could have just half of their energy, we would be good. :)  Let's just say...bed time was a challenge.

Lots growing...we are trying a new (to us) way of gardening this year...more on that another time.

We were out into the night last evening tilling, spreading mulch, planting the rest of our tomatoes (63 in all), green beans, cow peas(purple hull peas), basil, more cucumbers, zinnias. I get excited about knowing that flowers are going to be up soon!

Today...staking tomato plants, getting ready for market, and resting after a hard days work yesterday.

Mint...great for mint tea!
Tomatoes staked
Our first bell pepper
Gypsy pepper (I like these sweet)
Here is yet another go at keeping the chickens put up.  We have tried this type of pen before and a chicken we now made another pen only with very high walls...if you can see the netting.   They will just be up for the main garden season.  They like tomatoes and peppers way to much. :)

Cutie baby playing
Little Miss found a friend
A very colorful dinner...veggie stir fry.  We eat a LOT of stir fry in the summer.  A good way to use garden produce...and it's quick.
Beautiful farm girl...growing so quickly.  I am so blessed to have this wonderful girl.  She is not only great company, but she can work like me sometimes x 2.  She is the little momma around here.  I love the way she loves the littles and takes such good care of them. 
Joyful Mother 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Messy Monday

Messy Monday...a random shot of reality at our place!
Do you have messy Mondays...please share.
My school/play/computer/sewing/craft room.
I am going to try really hard to tackle this room this week.  Lots of organizing needing done. :)
Joyful Mother

Big day

We've had a very busy week bringing in a couple of new cows...well, actually a heifer and a bull! 
Meet J...borrowed from a wonderful local farm to breed our girls!

Getting home late into the evening, had to grab some pizza...ended up being a bad idea...with one sick girl and a tummy hurting little man. :(

I don't know if they are excited...or just plain tired. :) 
You can't tell it but my girl is sick today...she didn't want to miss out on the introduction.

Rose, J

Friday of last week we were given a heifer from some extra wonderful people.  Also a local farm.
Isn't she beautiful!

Tippy playing in the mud...gotta love pigs.

A wonderful night sky
Joyful Mother

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Free range

My sister thought this sign fit us...I agree.  :) 
Joyful Mother

Recipe and more



A wonderful quick recipe my family loves.  4 ingredient energy bites.  We fix these in the warmer don't have to use the oven and they're healthy!  So here we go...
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes,
1 pinch ground cinnamon,
1 Tablespoon honey,
1/4 cup nut butter
Mix together, form ball, chill, roll in extra coconut...chill some more!  Easy enough right?
This little humming bird was caught in a cob web...rescued by my hubby,
little chicks doing well
little Miss just loves animals.  She is always taking care of and holding them...this is where I found her the other day.
Joyful Mother

Around the farm

taking down fencing
little Miss
hanging laundry
Berkshire pig
Captain Red Holler...Head Rooster
Uno...Nubian Herd sire
Joyful Mother

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rainy morning fun

Saturday rainy morning fun...
face painting
story reading
Joyful Mother

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