Wednesday, July 31, 2013

around the farm

crape myrtle blooming
mowing and riding
tomatoes coming in
stray tomato plant
heirloom tomatoes
Hope you're having a great summer!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Little miss has been busy building along with her brothers helping her.  They went out and clipped some branches for trees...
Notice the back wall...the paint started peeling so we had to take it all off.  I guess the people who originally painted didn't prep the wall right.  So now we have to paint...again.



We had the pleasure of picking blackberries at a wonderful farm.  One of my market neighbors.  They were so kind to let us come pick for a large discounted price. :)


Monday, July 15, 2013


How many things can you do with peaches?  I purchased 4 boxes of peaches from a bulk food co-op.  We cut, pit, and peeled them to can.  Made jelly with the leftover peels and softer fruit, froze some and of course have eaten them like crazy!  In between while taking breaks I got to read some of my new book Beyond the Rainbow Bridge.  I am enjoying this read.  Sometimes you get to the point of not really knowing it all when it comes to children, but just tired of reading the same things over and over.  This book has been a delight, learning some new things from a different perspective.  It is based on Rudolf Steiner's philosophy...Waldorf education.


A certain young man took it upon himself to cut his own hair. :/  He likes it...I guess that's what matters.  The kids have been enjoying some swimming with their new pool...Thanks Granny!


just us


barrel rolling
going to a baby shower
Hope you're having a great July!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

around the farm

raking grass clippings to feed the cows
little man helping
popcorn growing
Berkshire pigs grazing
paying catch

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Since the kiddos were sick over the 4th and had to miss our local parade, they made up their own.  In all the days excitement little man got a black eye.  I think he ended up being quite proud of it. ;)



the littles taking breathing treatments

while we are sick

During the day you wouldn't be able to tell the kids were sick.  They have been resuming activity as normal.  I have been letting them swim during these oh so hot days.  It seems we paid dearly last evening for it.  I basically didn't sleep for having to get up with children coughing, screaming, and throwing up.  In the middle of the night at one point I thought someone was breaking in, the noise was so loud.  I get up to find my oldest gasping for breath.  That's was pretty scary!  You worry about the little's struggling, but you think the bigs, "they've got this".  This illness has been a learning experience.  One minute they are fine, the next, not so much.

So today we are taking it easy.  No "normal" activity.  Just rest.  Reading, playing games, building, coloring, drawing, hanging out. 


Little Miss found a hurt chick in the chick tractor, so she wanted to bring it in and see if she could get it back to health.  She has such a kind heart towards animals.

Joyful Mother

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Just stopping by for a second.  We have had an awful time with this whooping cough.  I have bronchitis and now 6 of my 7 have whooping cough.  We have had bad days and bad nights.  Cutie baby also has had double ear infections. :(  Hopefully we will be getting better soon! 

Joyful Mother ~ maybe not so joyful the past couple of weeks. ;0

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