Thursday, August 29, 2013

knitting and tortillas

Finally finished Little Miss's scarf.  She has been begging me for one for over a year.  I actually started this scarf last year and put it away when the weather got warmer.  Now that I've had a bit of free time on my hands, I've started knitting again.  Really I'm just a knitter wanna be!  I 'm venturing out this season and trying to teach myself some more difficult stuff.  I really want to knit a sweater for cutie baby before fall.  So I've ordered my yarn and printed off my pattern!  Can't wait to start...though I am a bit intimidated.
I've tried homemade tortillas before with no success.  My sister came over last evening and made some that looked fairly easy and yummy, so I gave it a go with her recipe for dinner tonight.  Yay they were wonderful and easy...and I even did it without a tortilla press!

Joyful Mother

Morning blues

Mornings are tough for this family.  I don't know why, and I've often wondered...why.  I've tried so many different ways to approach the a.m. and none of them seem to be wonderful.  I am not a morning person, myself and I would say that some of the kids are, but most are not morning people either.  We have a hard time rising, fixing breakfast, and just getting going.  So after all the struggles I have decided to embrace this morning dilemma.  Instead of being "super mom" and fixing a nice breakfast for everyone, I have relaxed a bit and a couple of mornings I let them fend for themselves and their "buddy" of course, while I fix for myself and JS (hubby).  So in all of this relaxing, things are still not really getting much better. :(
Well outside of my "control" cutie baby has decided that he IS a morning person and likes to get up between 6:30 and 7, so I'm trying to go to bed a bit earlier, so that I'm not grouchy in the a.m. :)
We are doing pretty good with it so far (this week anyway). 
So earlier in the week I got to fix biscuits and gravy with my 2 helpers, yawns and all.
And we got a nice morning surprise as JS was pulling in from work he found this box turtle crossing our drive.  Little Miss just ate that up...she loves little critters.  She got to "play" with him for a while before returning him to the great outdoors!

Joyful Mother

Friday, August 23, 2013

A burial

We have had to bury two of the four kitties that we've been bottle feeding.  Sissy and Anna Beth.  Farm girl, Jo and Little Miss had a little funeral, made a grave stone, and flowers all on their own.  I'm so proud of them and their kindness towards Little Miss who has nearly cried all day.


A soapy, fruity kind of day


I've been getting a big soap order ready for a lady that ordered gift sets.  This is very exciting really, because it is my first official "gift set" soap order!
Also this week got my "camper" cooker.  I am thrilled with it.  It works fabulous for canning!  This cooker would be my choice of quick cooking if we had no power...just one more step to being off grid...small step, but baby steps are how you get there. 
Free we've been busy canning sliced pears, pear sauce, pear butter, and soon to be pear jam,  Also throwing in the canner the rest of my pickles. :)
Little man was my big helper!
Hopefully you are doing lots of canning and putting up food for the winter!
Joyful Mother



 We have driven past this bridge a thousand times and never knew what a wonderful secret lay under it.  This creek is about 1 mile from our house.  It is a great little fun place...running water, rocks, huge climbing rocks, deep water holes, sand, animal tracks and of course a bridge to run under!  We had such a good time discovering.  You should have seen the delight on cutie baby's face when he got out of the carrier.  He wasn't afraid of anything...played in the water, sand, and rocks!  We will be going back here lots!

Joyful Mother

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Here kitty kitty

Welcome to our 4 new additions.  Some cruel person dropped these babies off down the road from our house.  The kids were taking a bike ride and found them...1 almost dead.  So we have been bottle feeding them, washing, and being "momma".  Wow taking care of 4 kittens is a lot of work.  Farm girl has been pulling the night shift.  They have to eat every 3 hours...whew!
The kids have named order of pictures...Beth, Annie, Cleo, Sissy
We are guessing they are about 3 to 4 weeks old.
Joyful Mother

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

games and knitting

playing brown bear panda bear what do you see
shawl I've been working on for...just a year. ;)


Monday, August 19, 2013

Right where you are!

Due to living an hour away from our church family we only get to go twice a month.  So on our "off" days from worshiping there, we worship at home, sometimes in a big way and sometimes small.  Most of the kiddos enjoy dressing up, so they took advantage of the set up to go all out.  Hubby and I...not so much.  He thought the tie appropriate. ;)  We had each of the boys help lead in something smallish (good practice), and of course little miss loves to she got to help daddy.

Hopefully you have some great family to fellowship with and if not, then maybe this could inspire you to worship "right where you are"!

Joyful Mother

fun times

We've been having a good time with friends this past week.  The boys got to take their first canoe ride, cutie playing with lots of kittens, the girls got to make a gigantic cookie!  Here's a link to more of the canoe ride and more!  jm Funny Farm

Friday, August 16, 2013

around the farm



 colorful tablecloth
lemon balm and mint drying
rainbow rug
zinnia's going crazy 
fruit trees ready to plant
and...cutie baby (how can I resist such a cutie when he is always wanting to smile for that boy)


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