Friday, October 18, 2013

I haven't been on here much lately...I know...I have been very busy with some new and exciting things...more to come on that very soon!


Saturday, October 12, 2013


As fall is upon us I have been feeling the need to clean and get the house in order.  I guess there is spring AND fall cleaning. ;)  Sometimes I feel as if we take 2 steps forward 3 steps back!  This has been a very busy season in our lives.  Lots of decisions and changes.  We are truly embarking on some new adventures...unfamiliar territory!  We are both excited about this and apprehensive.  More on that to come!
This homestead has been such a blessing to us, but with it (the animals) we have had our fair share of heartache.  We had to put down one of our wonderful girls...Ruby(Nubian) for she got severely attacked by what we are assuming was a coyote.  She was tore up pretty bad to the point she was breathing out her neck. :(  We thought she might make it, but by the second night after finding her she was in to much pain.  You know it doesn't get easier.  Each time we loose an animal anywhere from our calf down to a little kitten it just breaks our hearts. 
Fall is my favorite season, but for some reason this fall doesn't really feel like fall.  Maybe it's the strange weather, maybe the busyness, maybe it's because the leaves aren't really changing all that much.  I'm a bit afraid it's going to turn off cold very quickly and we will miss this beautiful season. 
I'm quite rambley this evening and feeling quite a bit sentimental, really just wanting to share with anybody that will listen to all the tidbits of thoughts I have floating around in my head.  Really I just feel like this life goes by way to fast.  I've been told many times "blink and it will be gone".  This is unfortunately so very true.  Oh God, help me to slow down and enjoy the journey...and help me to see!
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