Sunday, April 27, 2014

gone fishin er a just playin

Everybody is gifted at OUR families gift.  Most of my children don't have the patients to sit still long enough to catch anything.  I enjoy fishing, but to constantly be asked questions, and always needing to help someone, it's just not to relaxing.  Today we knew this wasn't going to be a very "catching" day, more of a "lets play around" day.  I'm not a very patient person by nature, but I do so love to relax and sit with a pole.  This little fishing place connects to the KY lake and it's just about 2 miles down from our house.  Sounds like a great "lunch date" in the near future!

Beautiful Days...

We are making the most of these beautiful mornings/warmer afternoons/cool evenings.
cooking outside
trimming trees
little boys making a fort in the cut limbs
planting/filling potato boxes
stringing the weed eater for next use
going at it AGAIN building yet another chicken coop  :) 
I really think this one is going to work.  I decided to downsize the amount of chickens this year, going with only 12-18.  So I talked hubby into building another coop for the smaller flock.  I actually researched some coop plans and thought this A-frame would be perfect.  I wasn't planning on having to move it, but he thinks it should be moved daily...we'll leave that up to the man folk, as it is pretty heavy.  Hopefully this will actually keep them all confined, especially the escape artists (always the barred rocks).
Hope you are enjoying your spring!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a few of my favorite things

One of my favorite things is thrifting and finding neat little treasures.  There is a great local little thrift store we have here.  So I thought I would share my treasures I found today! 
 I found a lot of little glass containers perfect for making more candles
 Fabric for pillows and curtains
I have a terrible weakness for odd dishes that are old or unique.  These were my favorites of the day!
Oh and this one is a favorite also

all clear...


This is a stage that truly gets me...he has to constantly clear tables.  I just don't get it.  I know it's normal because most of the others have done it, but it just gets me every time.  :)  It's a good thing he's cute!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beeswax Candles



With the weather turning off cold today I decided it was time to try my hand at something I have wanted to do for years...make candles!  I accidently over ordered beeswax a while back, but hey it wasn't a bad thing after all.  I made 100% pure beeswax candles with some added essential oils.  I tried a couple of different things...candles in jars, citronella in a bucket, and birthday candles.  As the beeswax cools it shrinks a bit and pulls away from the glass giving the opportunity to dump the candles out and have them free standing on a plate.  I am so pleased with how these all turned out and other than a bit time consuming (waiting on the wax to melt) it was pretty easy.
Now I'm thinking with all this beeswax I can make candles for my family for a long time...great for when the power goes out.



I have discovered one of my favorite things!  Coffee with fresh raw cream!!
best buddies
little miss doing copy work, assigned by herself  ;)


48 pounds

While making soap the other day I noticed this puddle forming in the middle of the batch.  I know there is glycerin that naturally forms soap, but I've just never actually seen it on top because we usually stir the soap during the process...THAT is a lot of glycerin!!
We made 48 pounds of soap...that's a lot of soap!!

and spring continues...

We have chicks...a bit by accident...the kids found a big pile of eggs, so we put them in the incubator just to see if anything would happen...11 chicks out of 17...not bad!

More spring gardening!  Sugar snap peas, leaf lettuce, spinach, and cabbage.  The littles decided to take a rest while we were gardening.  ;)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

piggies gone

Two of our piggies have gone off to a new wonderful home! 

spring garden

We have started working on our garden.  Gardening for my family has always been stressful.  We definitely weren't born with a green thumb.  This year with so much going on and just really not wanting to face yet another year of so much work to just have garden failure, we are going to take baby steps and go way smaller.  Even with our size of family, I feel we don't eat all we plant, so we are going to just pick our favorites and go with that.  So you see the huge garden plot above we are working basically from the posts on the left over and from little man back my way...that's it. ;)  and we are happy about it!  So being only that size, making raised rows, and laying down wood chips last year, we didn't have much prep work and it is READY TO GO!!!
We aren't doing potatoes in the ground this year, we are going with potato boxes...built my material given to us by someone that was throwing them away.  We've never done potatoes this way, but we are giving it a go, since we don't seem to get a good yield in the ground for the amount of work it takes.


number 8

We are expecting out 8th...Due September 15 2014!  Eight seems a lot to most people and I hear so much negativity about having that many children.  I used to think how could I keep having children and survive. ;)  But then my view on children starting changing.  I don't see them as children forever anymore, they are growing up and becoming people.  The kind of people I would have over to my dinner table, watch my children, hire to work for me, confide in, seek biblical advice from, the kind of people that I would call friends.
Yes times are hard sometimes, but it was hard even with two.  The only difference is when times are hard now we have more people to pray and pitch in. 
I look forward to watching these people that the world considers a hindrance become husbands, wives, parents, best friends, MY friends.
I look forward to graduations, collage, careers, weddings, births, seeing them develop their own lives.
Mostly I look forward to seeing this "army for the Lord" raised up for Him and seeing the powerful lives that He has chosen for them, lived out!

Joyful Mother

around the farm...

the farm in 2014
mucking out the barn
transferring all this beautiful hay/manure to the compost pile
piling up lots of wood to dry out for next winter
look hard...2 ducks have adopted our pond

Fourth of July 2010

Forth of July 2011

Forth of July 2012