Friday, July 18, 2014



After much thinking, we have decided to sell our place.  I am a bit torn about this, but for many reasons I can't go into right now this is what is best for our family.  I love the farm and its beauty, but we are needing to downsize the farm quite a bit.  It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  So we listed it, showed it, and the same day sold it.  I am amazed and taken a back at the response we have received from this.

At this point we have found something, but a lot is still in the air, so we are just waiting.  Waiting is not my strong suit as many of you know about me, but I'm actually big pregnant and quite tired and not feeling great, so I have just decided to rest while I wait.  We are very thankful to know the people we sold to and they are great and patient.  They are willing to work with us on giving us plenty of time to pack up and be out. 

I have always loved change and loved accepting, even seeking after different paths.  I thought this farm would be our last purchase and we would grow our family here, but I guess the Lord has different plans.  I can accept that.  I will say that I don't know if it's being my 8th baby or my age, but I am slowing down and getting tired.  I don't know how many more adventures in this department I want to take on.  :)  But for now this is where I am, where we are and we are going to make the best, and most of this life and enjoy the ride.



In amongst the busyness of selling our home, having everything cleaned and needing all the children to stay outside we decided to give the goats a little pedicure!  Normally we just use the hoof trimmers, but after seeing a nifty tool in a country magazine, we looked up some reviews and decided to give the grinder a go.  It worked out beautifully.  Now I'm not fond of trimming because I'm afraid of cutting them in the wrong spot and I'm a bit intimidated by this size of a grinder, but hubby said he could hook me up with his dremal tool and I could try that.  So I helped him this time and hopefully next time I can try it myself.  It really does take a couple of people, but if I can do this with maybe my son or daughter it would free up hubby and let me be more hands on with my "hobby" :) 
The baby did not like her pedicure


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

sickness going out


The first picture is what it looks like when a large family gets sick.  Lots of medicines delivered.  This is the easiest system I have found.  Cups with their names on them so that we aren't passing germs between everybody and making sure everyone gets theirs.  We have been sick this past week.  Thankfully the sickness was short, but when you have to have it travel through all the children it seems kind of long.  We are very thankful that the adults and the oldest didn't get it.  We're better now with just some blisters remaining.  It was a highly contagious sickness, but we just needed to get out of the house so decided to head to the lake.  With just one child remaining feverish we let them swim and him sit and wade.  We had a great time.  It was hot, but in the water perfect.  The area we choose was a bit rocky so we decided to bring along a small baby pool for cutie baby.  It ended up working out great, since he can't swim anyway. 

 Hope you're enjoying you summer!


fixer upper

I wish I'd gotten a before photo.  This is hubby's first mountain bike 15 years ago.  It was pretty rough.  He painted it and got all new, seat, handle grips, chain, cables.  He lacks the peddles and stickers and it will look like a brand new bike!  So this will be passed down to the eldest boy to enjoy!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

happy independence day

We've had a great weekend celebrating the 4th.  Getting together with friends, cooking out, fireworks, a parade, bounce houses, and most of all getting to be together.  When I was a kid we always got "treats" at events out like funnel cakes!  Well since being married and having quite a few children I don't usually purchase things like that anymore.  So today I did splurge and got a funnel cake.  We all had a piece (good thing they're big).  So now my children will grow up with a "big" family and carry the  memories of us all getting to share such a sweet rare treat.  Either way is a good thing...making memories!  We were so blessed to have another day of beautiful weather to enjoy such a wonderful day.  This is actually one of my favorite holidays.  We are so proud of our history and to be able to take part of this history every year with festivities.   Let us remember God Bless America!


Friday, July 4, 2014


The weather has been abnormally wonderful!  It's been so nice that we have had our windows open...IN JULY.  I get in the middle of summer like most people get in the middle of winter...foggy and a bit disgruntled.  Though it really isn't even the middle of summer yet, I don't like heat...I LOVE fall and winter.  I know the great temps probably won't last, but I'm loving it and getting outside as much as I can while it is here.
Our neighbor has a plum tree, so the kids went down to pick.  I usually make plum jelly, but I think we will just eat these.


around the farm/garden update 7/4/2014


green beans (we added mulch in between the rows)(grass is taking over)
stray green patch the boys planted
blackberries off our single blackberry bush
raised bed is working out wonderfully
I've actually got tomatoes
chili peppers(planted by accident)
stray butternut squash plant/mint overtaking everything
five heirloom apple trees planted (notice the one closest to the compost pile getting bigger)
zinnias growing amongst the weeds
We have 3 stages of chickens right chicks almost done getting their feathers, big chickens laying(what's left after a neighbor dog killed most of them, and mid sized chickens(should be laying this fall)
today we picked out first cucumbers and zucchini(didn't really think I would get any due to crazy grass overtake)!  I am very pregnant and am NOT weeding!  ;)


making sure daddy's helmet works 

waiting for the daddy to get back from his race
he's back and we are all very proud of him 

We had the privilege of going to hubby's mountain bike race!  His first one of his coming back into his hobby.  He raced about 15ish years ago and loved it, but decided to give it up when he started having a family.  This year we decided it was time for him to get back to a hobby he loved.  After the children saw what this "hobby" was about they wanted in!  This is all very exciting to me...I love nature, new places, watching my family do something they love, and even more exciting we are all in agreement to pursue a camper to be able to travel to these biking events with littles.  AND with traveling to these events, we get to take in other things, like history, water, fishing, seeing new, and being together!


Fourth of July 2010

Forth of July 2011

Forth of July 2012