Friday, August 8, 2014

thrift find and summer beauty

My newest thrift find!  A nice warm quilt in great shape.  My favorite part...the trains!  

When hubby is away at work (he works 24 hours at a time) I rarely fix dinner.  We usually just "find" something to eat.  But when I am in the mood my summer go to meal is eggs and veggies

Cheyenne peppers...accidently planted...I have no idea what to do with them.  We don't even like hot food. :)


The raised garden bed doing great

Zinnias...I didn't plant near what I normally plant of these wonderfully cut flowers, and I am a bit sorry about that.  These flowers are one of my truest joys of summer.  They are so vibrant and last a couple of days in the house.

I have canned two things this beans and peaches...and only one batch each, might I add.  Sometimes you just got to do what you can do.

Tomatoes...we are so excited to finally have a decent crop of tomatoes this year.  We usually get a few, then the plants shrivel up and die.  This year with the raised bed we are enjoying a continuing tomato feast.  Not enough to can, but that's okay, I'm just so pleased to eat on them fresh.

Odd picture?  A pigs feast!  I'm thankful to not have to waste food, but to have four wonderfully healthy pigs that get to enjoy everything and anything we don't eat.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

summer happenings

My harvest table is finally in the works!  I'm so excited to finally have one, though at this point it has no home.  It will be finished up just in time to go into storage.  But that's okay, I know it will only be a short time before we get to eat off and enjoy it.
I haven't really been doing much with the garden as you may know.  The grass has pretty much over taken everything except my raised bed, but we did manage to get a few green beans out of it.  My mother came over with a 5 gallon bucket out of her garden and stayed til midnight canning them.  This little cutie baby likes to eat them raw.
The cat has been lonely since her friend had to be put down, but it hasn't stopped her from moussing.  This is a ginormous field mouse...YUCK!
We've had a pretty mild summer, with just a couple of really hot days.  The children making the most of those days by staying in and building and coloring.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!




It's been a crazy whirlwind around here, trying to pack and get everything ready for moving.  We are having to sell our cows...part of the down sizing process. ;(
I never did debut Rose's baby girl...she's in the first picture...Sweet Pea!  She is just starting to come up to us and barely let us pet her...or should I say just D (the cow boy)!


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