Thursday, January 29, 2015

sick day

Quite suddenly my littles are sick. It just came on them so quickly, coughing and sore throats mostly. My poor pitiful babies :( 
We are remeding(is that a word;) with warm tea, essential oils, elderberry syrup, and some good ole homemade chicken noodle soup. Not getting much done throughout the days and loosing lots of sleep, but feeling so fulfilled and calm holding and caring for them. The bigs have been having quie a few games of monopoly, enticing me to play.  Choosing to either get a bit done or play during the little free time from rocking baby s...I'm such a sucker. I do love a good game!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

four months

He is much different than the other boys...much smaller.  It's nice to have a little one fitting into normal sizes.  He is normally all smiles and very happy, trying to grasp things in his hands and hold on, also very interested in sitting up already (tho he has a while to go on that one :)


Monday, January 26, 2015

Scaling down

I just received this book in the mail and am so excited. As you know I just came from selling my ten acre farm where we raised cows, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and a pretty niced sized garden. We make a lot with our hands, can and freeze fruits/veggies, line dry our clothes, grind our wheat, sell at our local farmers market...BUT one of the reasons we sold our place was it was large scale and a bit overwhelming for us. We were trying to be good at everything while not really enjoying and getting great at the things we actually felt called to do. So I ordered this book...Little House in the Suburbs with the hopes of helping me get better at doing things "smaller". While we don't live in town and I don't work outside of the house(and no desire to) I want to have a smallish set up here at the new little homestead. We have scaled back to only goats and one dog as of right now. Hoping to add back chickens in the near future. In terms of growing, I'm planning to do some raised beds. I'm not good at the whole garden thing. Im hoping this book will help me get a grasp on smallish gardening and teach me how to be good at the basics. It's supposed to cover goats, chickens, bees, and gardening. Mostly I just need to "see" what a smaller homestead could look like.

I will let you know if it meets my expectations...

I thought the book was great if you know nothing about homesteading. It was probably a bit to basic for me, nonetheless I enjoyed reading it mostly. I did learn a few things about gardening and I do feel encouraged to go small and build up to bigger. I feel like it could have been a bit bigger with more pictures(I love pictures:). It's a cute book I would loan out to beginners.


Up and running

Can I just say hallelujah!  We have a full bathroom AND laundry room. You might be thinking how can ten people make it with one tiny bathroom. It just works. I think during our time without bathroom luxuries we learned to be grateful. I hope our gratefulness stays with us as we live in this tiny house. When you think about so many people that do without, it is a blessing to have one bathroom with running water and warmth to wash and do laundry. This path of a "tiny house" we choose. We choose to be intentional about this life and how we live it. Living in a tiny house is a big part of that choice for us. So we are good with one bathroom...small but just the right size for the need...and we can stay home and do laundry!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sometimes life can pass you by so easily.  I enjoy this space so much, I can look back over the years and see what I miss in life.  I feel that blogging is a bit like a movie.  You sit back for two or so hours and watch someone else's life in a world that doesn't exist, but you somehow have this "hope" of a life you could have.  When I come to this space and look back over my life I realize I have an amazing life and it's really happening!  I treasure the moments captured in pictures.  Moments that when it is happening I miss, for I get caught up in the living part that I miss the precious.  The children growing, the accomplishments, the baby years, the beauty of something as simple as fruit syrup that we labored to make, but that gets gobbled up and forgotten.  

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!

Joyful Mother

a day


We have enjoyed the weather the last couple of days, being spring like.  The cabin stays so warm, being in the sun that we are able to keep the door open on nice days.  Starting the new year the family came up with some "goals" that we would like to learn, try, or accomplish.  I have set some fun type goals this year for our home being painting.  We had an enjoyable day with the sun shining in, painting, making fruit salad, just being together.  


a ball

Hubby and I went to his annual firemen's ball.  It's not really a "ball' it's really an evening set aside to celebrate looking back on the year, to eat and fellowship with fellow firemen and their wives.  We had a nice time and it's always fun to dress up and go out.  I'm so proud of my husband and I really don't say it often enough.  He enjoys his job and his men and if he is the kind of leader at work as he is at home he is a great, funny, caring man.



I must say I am jealous of the north and the cold and snow.  The weather can never make up its mind here in Kentucky.  Most winters are mild, wet, and dreary really.  I love to imagine myself "living" in true winter, pretending that the weather could get fierce here, while really sadly never happening. Very rarely do we get snow so when we do we try to take advantage of it.  This was pretty much all the snow we got much to our sadness.  The children choose to make the best of it and play in what little snow they get, making snowmen, angels, and even trying to sled down the drive way on the kiddie table.  Well it was pretty coming down anyway!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The crew

We finally got the girls moved over to the new place. D and sis put together a temporary pen with a separate part for uno(the buck) when we need to separate him from the does. We've been working with the goaties on manners during feeding. We purchased containers for each of them, so they can eat their share and not steal from each other.  They are doing well with this new system.
Part of downsizing the farm was due to me feeling to overwhelmed to work and care for the animals properly, or maybe just the way I wanted to.
Both girls are bread and due any day. Unfortunately Uno got out and bread Saphire before we new it. She was really to young, so we decided to leave her on mamma to nurse as long as she could to help her grow. Hopefully this helps and she births successfully!
Freedom our Australian shepherd has been a bit of a pain since we brought her to the farm, trying to get her to be happy with living with other animals and doing her job. She never wanted to be with them, always whining and wanting out. When we moved the goats over we decided she would go into their pen to hopefully detour predators. It took a bit but she is happy and when we let them out she stays near them and even helps heard them when time to go back up. We are very pleased.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I've not been able to do much knitting for many reasons, one being "baby brain".  You know short amount of concentration if any :)  Still wanting to pass some time and work with my hands I choose to do a couple of simple scarfs.  I really like the colors and so cozy and soft.
Once again with lack of time and concentration not being able to do much reading I found this easy to read book at our local library...Tiny House Living. It's got some great concepts that I really have tried to do over the past several years. Now that I actually do live in a tiny house(800sq ft for 10 people) I'm gleaming as much advice as I can.
Here's a couple quotes I like:  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." -William Morris
"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." -Winston Churchill

Monday, January 12, 2015

weekend projects

We've had a busy weekend cutting out projects, making and wrapping soap, attending a firemen's ball. Since having baby and our moving to the cabin I wasn't able to make soap and got pretty far behind. So I've spent the weekend making six batches. I was looking at past soap pictures of when I first started and liked how the wrapping was, so I decided to wrap them again. I think it's so simple yet pretty and eye catching. Like a little gift of soap!

The girls have been wanting to make skirts for a long while, so along with so many other projects this weekend I let them start them, to be finished a bit later. We also worked on cutting out napkins for a gift.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Just checking in

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