Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sometimes life can pass you by so easily.  I enjoy this space so much, I can look back over the years and see what I miss in life.  I feel that blogging is a bit like a movie.  You sit back for two or so hours and watch someone else's life in a world that doesn't exist, but you somehow have this "hope" of a life you could have.  When I come to this space and look back over my life I realize I have an amazing life and it's really happening!  I treasure the moments captured in pictures.  Moments that when it is happening I miss, for I get caught up in the living part that I miss the precious.  The children growing, the accomplishments, the baby years, the beauty of something as simple as fruit syrup that we labored to make, but that gets gobbled up and forgotten.  

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!

Joyful Mother

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