Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We've been hit...with snow!!!  We were so excited to wake to a winter wonder land. It's been so nice to rest during this time. Just before the snow we made sure to fetch our oil lamps out of storage among a few other things to keep us busy. We stocked up on food, water, and candles. Here in the tiny house, because we aren't done and don't really have places to put much of anything(except the floor) I don't keep food storage. We only have basically what can get us trough a week. This has been difficult for me as I'm used to shopping just a couple times a month and having quite a bit of bulk food on hand.
Anyhow~ we enjoyed the snow. We made yummy snow cream for the first time, went sledding, and even got my hair done ;) thankful hubby has a four wheel drive truck that drove great on the snow.

Unfortunately we got tons of rain a few days after the snow which caused some major problems for people. With everything frozen and no place for the water to go, we had basements flooding among friends and some roof collapses among businesses, including our bank.

We still have snow, hard and frozen and very cold temps, all soon to change for weather is coming soon. I am so good with this kind of weather as winter is one of my favorite seasons, but ready for the warmer weather for my goats sake. They are due to kid any time and my buck had lost a lot of hair in the fall so he's freezing.

Stay warm friends!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The end

I never did get day five wrote, we just get so busy and blogging everyday is a lot for this busy mamma with so many small children.

Well here we are the five day journey is done and we made it. I really quite enjoyed the week fully not expecting to. Something I have been working on ~ being more intentional with my days and with the children. I get busy caught up in daily to dos(they are so many) that at the end of the day as I examine, I'm mostly  disappointed that I didn't get that book read to them, teach her how to knit, or teach him how to bake those cookies. I didn't straighten her hair, help him read that book, or go outside and play.  You get it?

This week was different ~ I really don't know why, except I choose to put my focus and energy into them instead of the busy. It took me a couple days to get there, but I did and I enjoyed it...them...the week.

So what was the journey???
For, I think the first time ever my partner, my help, support, my love was away. We have been married and together twenty years, children for sixteen of those years and have never been apart for that long. Now some of you may be thinking, what's the big deal!  Well when you have this size of a family, you have a pretty serious routine and when you have to pick up the load that someone usually shares with you and do it alone, that's intimidating or maybe just scary!

So we're here and together again and it was a good week. We had good times and Gods peace!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day four

We had a rough start again this morning for the first thirtyish minutes. After we worked out a young mans tiff with brothers bothering him. I had thought today we will just relax and not worry about getting so much done. The weather has dropped and has become wonderfully chilly, we even had some wintery mix this morning!!  We only went out for two short times, one to just play a bit the other to check the mail(a favorite).  

We worked on Valentine's for each other ~ lots were made including a randome little guy, just because...isn't he cute!

I have been trying to decide what to make "my" valentine, not really wanting to buy anything and wanting to use resources I had at home ~ a cozy for a smaller mason jar. It turned out a bit bigger then I would have liked to just drink straight from the jar. Maybe I'll have to invest in a lid ;) but it did turn out so cute - I think. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day three

This is where I've spent most of today, holding a very fussy baby. We are taking several home remedies for sickness(silver, elderberry syrup, vitamins c & d, an herbal bronchial tonic, homeopathic cough/cold, and ACV/lemon/honey tea).  I'm honestly very grateful and a bit in disbelief that all my children cooperate and take everything I give them. 

Cutie baby just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer after coming in from playing outside. He hurt his finger and just cried himself sleepy. 

I'm taking everything the children are taking, some against my own will~I don't care much for vit c tablets or ACV, but I know baby S needs as much as I can give him through nursing. I put extra honey in my tea ;)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day two

I came downstairs this morning to a wonderful candle lit pancake breakfast, fire going, a pile of children playing monopoly. Our routine got shuffled up a bit today. I needed to take my manchild to town by a certain time...which isn't my favorite thing, being somewhere in the a.m. Maybe because I'm not so much of a morning person especially from being up often with a nursing babe. Well anyhow we did make it and he is now a proud driver. Can this really be happening, him driving?!

Laundry was started, lunch was cleaned up, floors swept, fresh air and sun was taken in, quiet time was taken(better today), dinner(tomato soup/grilled cheese) was fixed, lessons were done, painting this late evening, books read, and another successful early bedtime.

This is a big deal for us...we have had a very difficult time with cutie baby and bedtime for a while now. Hubby has been laying with him, even taking off from work to put him to bed...we were all out of tricks and plans, the bigs couldn't help with this one, I was having to nurse the babe. He is doing much better with somewhat of a new routine.

Baby S is sick...again with fever.  Most of thd children are nearly better, with just mainly coughing.  Little miss just doesn't seem to be able to kick the site throat. We are going to be starting some aggressive home remedies tomorrow!


just because

let me feed you
a baby making friends
fruity chicken salad
lets play
oh I can see you and I like it


new to me

We started our little walk on the road, which was the first time we have ever walked.  The wind was so cold that we decided after not getting very far we should turn back.  Baby's face was tuning a nice shade of rosy and cutie baby couldn't keep up, he was concentrating on staying warm and kept saying wait for me.  We decided after dropping off baby we would go on ahead and go into the woods, which was also the first time I had actually went INTO the woods.  We have walked around the property several times, but never entering the thick of it.  Hubby had driven and knocked down a path on the outer skirts of it making it easy for our walks with littles.  

It was so refreshing and quiet and warm actually.  I felt like we were on our own little planet where no one could see or hear us or them.  This is my new favorite spot, with plenty of places to sit and ponder or just be alone or to knit or maybe write!  For now anyways as I'm sure it will be grown up in the summer and hard to get to.  

Plenty of trees for climbing and siting in.  Quite a good little "forts" to hide in.  With the warm weather we have been having something beautiful is popping happy to have some of these wonderful spring flowers back on my land.  We didn't have not one of these at our past farm.  I guess mother nature can not make up her mind for it has turned off colder this week with temperatures supposed to be getting down in the teens at night.

Hope you are having a good week!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Day one

This evening I write day one of a much dreaded five day journey for me. At the end of the five days I will disclose what this journey was and why so dreaded.

Today I got up with a hopeful spirit of a beautiful peaceful day with my children. It started off a bit rough with late beginnings and a very hungry boy, but soon bellies were filled with muffins and milk and we were off to do our morning jobs. Animals to be fed, beds to be made, floors to be vacuumed...this was Monday...whew we didn't miss trash pickup - a normal around here. We finished up and got right on to lessons. While nursing the babe I had the pleasure :/ of catching up the two littles on their math and reading that they decided to work on ahead of schedule. Many things left undone and guessed at...oh my...this will take two days!  I'm happy for their enthusiasm, but not so much at the mess of fixing.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful aside from a few tantrums from a couple young boys and one very pestery girl. We read books, ate cookies, went on a walk on the road(freezing wind), decided to go to the woods instead. It was so peaceful and actually quite comfortable.

Reflecting on my post about hearts and our days, something I wanted to work back into our days was a quiet time. Just a time where everyone can go to their own space and relax and enjoy being without anybody. How'd it go??  Not so good~we will have to work on this maybe a little each day until we can all be fully into quiet time. I would like to work up to at least an hour and would be pleased if it were actually quiet :) this is a very new thing for a certain girl and boy. They will get it, it will just take time. 

I was able to start a tiny knitting project. I didn't have the right needles so I improvised and am doing it a different way. We'll see how it turns out.
Our evening consisted of some yummy pizza made by Doc, more cookies, moving the craft/sewing area downstairs, more reading and the the littles off to an unusually early bed time. All in all we had a pretty good day, which I am grateful for!

Blessings this night,

Sunday, February 8, 2015

a snippet of our tiny house story

The beauty of a tiny house ~ simple, intentional, free, quality living

We have been in a whirlwind for the past few years.  What do we want?  What is important?  How do we want our lives to look?  What do we want to "invest" in?

I found myself with such a large family just being able to keep up with the basics of life, feeling like we just "get by" day to day.  Our time and our finances were tapped out.  We wanted more for our family...adventure, travel, a more simple enjoyable life.
We knew we needed to make some changes.  We decided to sell our place, what I like to call "the palace".  2500 square ft built for us, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge laundry room.  
This was probably the biggest and longest desert we've ever walked through.  Let me just say...It was HARD!  I never realized so many trials would come through that one decision.
We rented two houses, bought and sold two houses (one with not enough land, one with to much), bought and sold many animals, started and sold a business, had three more children  just to name a few.  Through many good times and many heartbreaks, six years later we ended up here!  
Settled down on three mostly wooded acres, a few goats a dog, and our 800 square ft tiny house we call the cabin...debt free!!!  It's not finished yet, but quite close (a tour when done ;)
Was it worth it...I think yes.  I'll let you know fully when we have lived here a while.  

Joyful Mother

p.s.  We started this project building a garage to live in while we build our bigger house.  Will that ever happen?  Who knows!  We are fully living here being intentional about building to fit our large family and loving it!

tiny house, big table

When we were building this place we went round and round about our table.  It's to big, it will fit, it will take up the whole house, it will be perfect...the center of our home.  

The center of our home - the heart - the gathering place. 

The place where the family comes together to eat, play, craft, do lessons, fold laundry, bake, exchange kind words, serve one another.  The place where you share a cup of coffee, work out the details of your day, eat cookies, talk through the ups and downs, pray.  No other place in a home brings everyone together on a day to day basis.  This place is special.  A place for each person.  The perfect table for a large family in a tiny house.



I have had so much on my mind - planning our days.  We have been raised in a society of fast paced busyness, needing entertainment to just get through our days.  We have chosen to live differently...I think.  A bit slower, a bit less entertainment, a bit less commercialism.  Until this last week, I realized we really aren't so different.  I believe the very bits of what I didn't want ruling our days have sneaked in and enslaved us.

I find the children saying all day "can we play video games" "can we go here" "can we go buy this" "I'm BORED"     ~Whaaaat is going on????

It's time mamma stepped in and did a little this and that to fix this dilemma!  The first thing to do is talk over the plans with hubby.  What does he like about our days?  What doesn't he like?  Maybe he can shed some insight as to add to the this and that!

Part of our complex problem is that we have older children that have been raised a certain way including more of what I would like to get away from.  But I have a larger group of youngsters that are fully willing to please and work with how we want to do things.  There hearts are open and inviting of new and exciting ways for our day.  Given over to mamma and daddy.  If I am going to change things for the littles now is the time, before they are set in their ways of doing.

Joyful Mother

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