Monday, March 30, 2015

six months

can you just believe it ~ six months already ~ oh how I wish time would slow down!


double blessed

It's so much fun to celebrate tee birthdays on the same day. Little miss was excited to find her brother was to be be here on her birthday. Many don't find it exciting to share their day, but she has enjoyed it every year. I think this year being the most fun yet!

a cake for her, cupcakes for him, made by my sister who finds enjoyment in the cake hobby. 
a few special gifts
beautiful weather
a full day full of blessings


Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hope your weekend was great!


Saturday, March 21, 2015


baby swing hung
soap and lip balm made
children nourished
lots of outside sun, play, reading
games played
popcorn ate
little ones sleep

We've had a full and blessed day!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

vest's and such

Cutie babies vest is done. Babies plain vest is done. Cutie baby has turned into quite the little ham, enjoying his picture taken. 

After making another round of bagels today. I decided I didn't want to use anymore baggies so I whipped up a "bagel bag". 

Reciepe for our favorite dressing:
about a cup or so mayo
a couple tablespoons red wine vinegar 
a bit of honey
stir it up good or shake in a mason jar


kitchen helper

Here's a healthy yummy treat we have been eating for a snack...chocolate banana yogurt. Just mash up a banana, scoop in some yogurt, add some honey, and cacao stir and enjoy!
(Even better if you make your own yogurt). Look up the health benefits for cacoa!

Little miss was so very excited ~ she fixed me breakfast!  She has been wanting to cook and bake so badly, so much so that she has been my little shadow asking can I help, can I help. Not having a ton of time and being the kind of gal that just likes to fly and get done, I have had to relax and just let her. Today as she was asking/following me, it hit me that this is actually a good thing. Why I can have her help/learn many things in the kitchen!  She is getting great at putting the dishes away out of the drainer. She is learning measurements, how to crack eggs(without shell), she's great at collecting what we need to bake.
~yes this is turning out to be pretty good indeed.

Her plain vest is done!  It turned out a bit biggish, but she loves it and rarely takes it off.

As the day progressed it was getting chillier, so I had one of the boys light the heater. A minute later I went to turn it down and move it, forgetting that the handle gets oh so very HOT.
Quickly of to dampen my fingers and dip in flour. Did you know this is a great source for relief and it usually keeps blisters away.


Friday, March 13, 2015

upcycled skirt

I went to our local thrift store to hunt some fabric at a reasonable price, because lots of sewing can get quite pricy!  Plus I just enjoy using material that has been washed over and over, it feels nice and wears well. So I didn't find much, just a sheet and pillowcase, that just happened to match. What to make?
How about another skirt for little miss!

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I would have liked it to be a little shorter, she kept insisting on it being long. She loves it, so I guess that's what matters.



We have had quite a week crafting, sewing, baking.

 spring flowers

baby, so big

I tried my hand at bagels a while back for them to turn out terrible. They were just yuck. This time I borrowed the book from a friend and mostly followed the recipe, only tweaking a few things.

I didn't have malt, I used honey in It's place. I also added cinnamon and raisins. A trick I learned years ago is instead of using flour to handle the dough, use water. Keep a bowl of water near and when the dough starts sticking just get your hands barely wet, wala no more sticky dough.

a chipmunk 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

skirts and boots

Matching sister skirts have been made. Sis got this skirt idea from a friend and has been wanting to sew them for a while. We cut them out a while back and after a certain someone asked one day "so how's those skirts coming" we have been prodded to finish!  Due to sis knowing only the very basics of sewing, I sewed little misses while she watched, then she sewed her own. She was quite proud as was I of her.

Those are some big boots to fill!  Cutie baby has all the sudden been overly into shoes. We have had to put all shoes up, except the outside ones.


Friday, March 6, 2015


knitting a plain vest for baby (yarn from peace fleece~chickie masla)
working on meal plan for the month
sewing a few napkins at a time (small projects)

 cutie baby working in his "colors" book
little miss's journal entry for day one of the five senses
docs journal entry for day two on hearing


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