Wednesday, April 29, 2015

goats on the homestead

Temperatures have been in the lovely sixties during the day this week. A bit chilly in the mornings and in the shade during the day, but in the sun ~ perfect.

We've been letting the goat girls out to graze for a couple hours in the morning, then again in the evening. Opal(mamma) produces better if this is the case giving us a bit over a quart, otherwise she only gives about three quarters of a quart. Uno(the Mr.) is let out on the in between times. We are trying with great diligence to keep them apart so that I can track better breeding/kidding.

Saphire is truly due to kid any day now. She is getting rather large, making me a bit nervous. She was bread to early really and I do hope she delivers fine. Also hoping for strong babies with some pretty color!

Names have been chosen for the bottle babies ~ Sir Charles and Jada
They are doing well, growing strong, running and jumping around as if they have ants in their pants!  Even starting to nibble on some grass. Freedom our mostly Australian Shepard has completely adopted them as her babies, to the point of growling at some guest children for trying to pet them. We have had to reprimand her for that, thankfully she is now okay with humans. It's a sight to see her cleaning, laying with them, letting them crawl and jump all over her.

Goats are a fun and productive animal for a smallish homestead and we do so enjoy them...most of the time ;)



cinnamon roll pancakes
tea for sore throats
metal for the cabin ceiling
a goat has been lassoed
beautiful sunset


Thursday, April 23, 2015

around here

We have been so busy with getting into a routine with the bottle babies, feeding them every three hours now. We are able to not feed them during the night now. He is my constant companion. When you have to bottle feed goats they think you're their mamma and want to be by your side for eternity. Opal the real mamma was a bottle baby and never leaves my side when I'm outside. Definitely pros and cons about that.

Our new adventure this week ~ quinoa. We have tried it as a warm cereal (I like it better cooled off) with toasted coconut, strawberries, and bananas. Also quinoa meatballs. They were actually quite flavorful and yummy!

The garden has been started. We found a great place that sells wood chips for a pretty reasonable price. We went and got the trailer filled to busting. I choose to do just a smallish space 24x24 with plans to add to it as we go. We layed thick cardboard down first then wood chips on top of that. We will plant right into the wood chips. This is a great almost maintenance free garden method filled with nutrients for plants. It should only require very little weeding and watering.

Baby is teething...rough nights with little sleep. Driving practice is taking place, lots of outside play, the library and our local pizza/play center has been visited. Lots of yard clean up, milking, and chasing goats away from trees and off the porch when they are let out to graze.

A good ~ full ~ blessed week!


Monday, April 13, 2015

twins this weekend

a tree house has been made
a baby and his asparagus
twin goat babies have been born ~ very weak
enemas have been given
now able to stand for just a few seconds
taken to mamma for cleaning, bonding, stimulation
bottle feeding every three hours
milking mamma

A very full weekend indeed!


S is sitting up now mostly great, falling over mainly when he gets tired or really excited. He sat in the grass for the first time. I guess he thought he was in heaven ~ he loves to be outside already...and now...grass!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

happenings and lately

 A certain someone is trying to crawl...can it be time for this already??

 Here is that tree ~ blooming. Not a fruit tree after all, but it looks like the same tree that I left behind at the farm. I never new what kind it was, but I will just have to find out now for sure. I just love it!

We enjoyed an afternoon walk after the sun had settled and it got cooler. A couple of the littlest boys were cranky and ready for bed, but it was just to early so a walk it was.

New soap is orange blossom, a spicy herbal orange scent ~ I think it's lovely.
I picked up this book at the thrift store. We are not gluten free, but I do like the idea of trying some different ways. I'm always open to learn more about cooking. Looking through this book we really already eat a lot gluten free. I think I might try to use more buckwheat in our diet.

It's been raining off and on and our yard is so wet/muddy. The boys, who were told to stay out of the mud enjoyed a mud fight. There has been many washings from "slipping" in the mud. There has been mud sculpting. Oh spring you have arrived with full force. It has been so hot in the cabin due mainly to it being in full sun. The temperatures have been in the upper 70's this week even to 80's today. We don't have screens or ceiling fans up yet(downstairs) which would be helpful. Upstairs is pleasant with windows open and fans going.


Saturday, April 4, 2015


A good day it was today. Started off a bit rough with me and tummy troubles...again. Seems to be an every once in a while regular happening for me lately that comes in the morning and is gone on its way usually by noon.
Baby and I stayed home to rest and try to get a bit done while everyone else went on a hike at the lake. They had a good time hiking, hunting a few "resurection" eggs for the devotions today, celebrating His resurection tomorrow of course, picking flowers, swinging.

Back here I made honey cake, colored some eggs, tidied up, hid eggs, nursed and relaxed with baby

All back together for hunting, the family basket, brush pile burning, rope swinging.

Roasted chicken, asparagus, sweet potatoes for dinner. Honey cake with strawberries for dessert.

The goat girlies really should already be due to kid. We wait with much anticipation for their day. When will it come???  Bags are full and they are looking ready. I truly thought this day would have already been here!

This tree!  Could be my new favorite. You know I left my two favorite blooming trees, one in spring, one in fall back at the farm. Well much to my delight I have another blooming tree here!  Maybe it could be a fruit tree, I just don't know. To be found out soon enough!

Happy resurection day (tomorrow)!


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