Sunday, June 28, 2015

a long and overdue update

Little baby bird, I'm assuming pushed out of the nest to learn to fly, as it can a bit

The weather has been quite hot, then all of the sudden ~ wonderful!
Hubby and I took advantage of the awesome coolness and had a date night. We went to a locally owned restaurant...split a pizza/beer, then off to play miniature golf ~ something we hadn't done in years. Really from sheer forgetfulness that we have a local course. We had the funest time playing, but mostly enjoyed two very elderly men playing ahead of us having a very good time themselves, barely even able to bend down to retrieve their own ball. They were to cute.
There is something wonderful about smallish towns. How everyone is your "neighbor". How even when you don't know them, or they you, you talk and laugh like you've always been friends.

We've had a rather bust last month, going back and forth between houses, working and such. All of the children have had sickness, some of them twice. A certain three year old has been oh Sooo very three...wearing me out daily not having nap time come quick enough.
Baby is crawling now, even pulling up on things, saying mama and dada, his first tooth has popped through with two more in sight. He crawls everywhere slapping his hands on the floor hunting the tinniest piece of anything to put into his mouth. He finds comfort in a favorite stuffy ~ buddy the dog, where he lovingly pulls and teethes on his ears and arms.

The garden didn't end up working out at the cabin. I guess planting above cardboard wasn't a good idea. We did decide to put in a late garden at the cottage in the woods, tilling and bringing in one load of wood chips. We planted tomatoes, a few peppers, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, butternut squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, basil, some flowers, and greenbeans.  The birds, I'm assuming clipped off every greenbean plant. Maybe I'll plant more, maybe not.  We did end up with some things the previous owner left a couple tomato plants, a bit of established landscaping, and tons of wild raspberries!

My goodness I could just go on and on...okay almost done!

The bottle babies are finally weaned...whew glad that's over. The other baby (Rocky) we are putting up at night and milking both girls in the morning and opal still in the evening, only to be getting about a half gallon daily. I'm definitely still learning about goats. I got a book from the library about urban homesteading, there was a section about goats with a "goat recipe" for dairy goats. I couldn't believe how much she feed her girls, way more then I feed mine. So I made a trip to the feed store ~ alfalfa, oats, black sunflower seeds to be added to their sweet feed and minerals. I'm hoping they will plump up a bit and produce more milk. They are Nubians after all, they should be producing better then they are.

Wow! Sorry for such a long post and for not being on here goes life.

I hope June has been wonderful to you!


P.S. Sorry about the pictures, kinda blurry from my phone :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

this and that

Just checking in. We have been rather busy lately with just daily life mostly.  the weather has been quite nice to quite rainy. Today it is very cool, enough for jackets being worn for morning chores. This morning I'm choosing to sit and relax and rock my baby. He is getting so big just way to fast for my liking. Eight months now!

We are back onto doing some lessons after taking a long break. We are getting back into some sort of rhythm. Just for a short time anyway ~ we will be moving...yes, moving...again. A lovely home has come across our path for a great price. We will be working on it during the next few summer months hopefully to be done and moved in by fall.
We really do love it here in the cabin, but are just needing more space. Tiny house living is a great concept, just not with eight children.  We will keep the cabin and rent it out seasonally we think. More on that closer to being sure on what we're doing.

I hope to be good at getting before and after pictures on fixing up the house. It reminds me of a quaint little cottage nestled in the woods. It has five acres of woods divided with the house in the middle ~ perfect for goats and a couple of piggies!

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