Friday, July 31, 2015


We feel like we've been on vacation and haven't even left our home town. Family has come in from Colorado. There has been bike riding, visiting, a little work don't together, shopping, a day at the lake, eating, a couples date night, walks, games played, and lots of good time!
The lake we went to was closer to home and a new discovery. We loved it here ~ our new favorite place. A great beach, bathrooms near by and great shade trees. It is part of a state park with a great riding trail, a small basketball court, and volleyball. Plenty of beach, plenty of grass.
Hope you're not tired of seeing lake pictures, it seems it's just what we've been doing lately.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

being neighborly

The children are always looking for ways to make a little cash so much to their delight a neighbor called to see if the kids could take care of their animals while they were out of town. Well big brother was the main guy for the task but all the littles got to help and enjoy the swing set while they waited on him to finish everything up. We've had calves on the farm but never bottle babies eager to run up to you. The littles enjoyed playing with the kittens ~ we don't have any cats/kittens since we've moved. They are hoping to get a couple once we're settled at the cottage. We also don't have chickens right now so when big brother said go collect eggs they jumped right on that. They had a big garden which was so tempting for my little cutie baby who loves to pick and eat. Being right in the middle of season of canning I told him he could pick one cherry tomato for each person of course he asked if he could eat two.



We have cucumbers and tomatoes!  Only two each, but we are so excited. I do think that when a person sees the first fruits of their labor it is so rewarding and exciting. Everything seems to be growing well. The vines are climbing and we are seeing blossoms. I only get down there about once a week due to just being so busy at home and with appointments. I'm pleased that it has rained often so that we don't have to water, though my raised beds are drying out faster than the ground and could use regular watering.

This is the ugly ramshackle of a shed we tore down. It's looking so much better around there. Really I think the previous owner was elderly and just let things go out of sheer life happening.

Happy Gardening,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

around here

we have made goats milk soap
a night bike ride...all the way to town
baby kicked back in his new float
the cottage has been cleaned up all around the outside
the local shop I opened/sold has moved so I pulled out some of my stuff to keep
peach coffee cake ~ yum
it rained all day yesterday and all night making rainy day play today
a fall baby hat has been started


Monday, July 20, 2015

half way there

It's ten in the morning and already been a whirlwind of a day. Hubs and his helper are off to work at the cottage while dropping the eldest off at a driving class on their way. Breakfast was late ~ eggs, English muffins, tomatoes, and chocolate milk. Math curriculum has been ordered for one. I'm hoping to begin lessons early August.
As you know summer is my least favorite season and I'm quite ready for these hot days to be over.  We are half way there!!
We have enjoyed the lake more this year also making good use of the kiddie pool in the back yard. With temperatures in the upper 90's -100* you either have to stay in or stay wet -out.
Things I do enjoy about summer ~ fresh fruits/veggies, preserving food, water fun, school is out, farmers market, clothes drying on the line(thought I don't have one here yet).

This is the lake about ten minutes from our house. We do love going here but not so much love the rocks. We went in the evening ~ had a picnic dinner, swam, raced up and down the stairs. A certain someone hasn't cared for swimming this year so he just rode the bike and wrote.

Happy half way through summer!

Monday, July 13, 2015

this is how we roll

Trying the Kentucky roll along with one of my favorites the California roll on our date at a local restaurant. It so yum!  Now also one of my favorites!  Really it is completely different from the calf. roll as it is fried and served warm. We used a gift card given from the restaurant to all the firemen for their service, making it a great opportunity to splurge a bit with the rolls along with our main dish of fried rice. We do try to take date nights at least a couple times a month. I suppose we don't have to "try" to very hard as dates are still quite lovely and a much needed time away from the tiny cabin with so many people and noise. Sometimes we talk about everything serious and solutions to be had for home life and other times we just talk about us and nothing of great importance, just fun dreaming conversation. Do you take date nights?  They don't have to be pricy, just going out for quiet focused time on you and your dear.
Also ~
This weekend was time at the lake. Usually we go to the lake not to far from home, which has rocks right up to the water, but we decided a beach would be nice. Food, swimming, bike riding, naps, knitting ~ a relaxed afternoon indeed.
This was baby S first time. He already loves water so he was just thrilled to be sitting in the soft sand while the water washed over him. His ball would go away from him all to be washed from the small waves back to him. 
Some of us fair skinned people received some quite pinkish skin, all to be treated with coconut oil and lavender oil before bed. 

Hoping your weekend was a great one!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

canning peaches

I made a very last minute decision to purchase peaches in bulk to can...about a bushel. Canning for some reason, no matter how simple its always a bit stressful for me. I just tell my helpers to "love me through it". We decided to leave the skins on this year. I've done this in the past and really didn't care for it, but we had cut the peaches in slices ~ this time we just cut them mostly into forths so I'm hoping it won't be to difficult to weed through the skins. Also I don't have a dishwasher this year In the cabin so we washed the jars, lids, and collars and stuck them in a 200 degree oven for fifteen minutes(this kills any bacteria), then to keep them warm we just turned the oven down to the lowest setting.  Usually I can with honey...never sugar, sometimes making fruit a bit tart, not to pleasing to the taste buds, so I did decide to do a very light sugar syrup ~ using one cup sugar per quart water. Boil that then pour over the peaches in the jars.  It took us about two hours total, of course the last twenty-five minutes we just sat while we waited for the canner to be done. *a record for me ~ only one jar bottom broke*

Twenty one quarts!

Happy Summer,

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