Monday, August 24, 2015

cloth diapers

I have been cloth diapering on and off for about six years with a love hate relationship for it. I have never really found a favorite or even a favorite system. I suppose a system would just develops on its own if I could find a favorite and be consistant. I have tried prefolds with covers, all in ones(AIO), covers with snap in inserts, plastic pants, wool covers over fitted diaper, and now pockets. I thought I found my favorite with the snap in inserts with a cover but last year while pregnant with S I ordered a few pockets to try. While moving several times and then moving here finally but not really setting on never got around to trying them. Well after finding out we weren't moving to the cottage anytime soon I decided to "live for today" you know just live in the moment. If you want to do something don't put it off waiting for such and such to happen first ~ just live!  So I dug the cloth out and gave it a go...I absolutely love the new pockets!
It has a fleece lined which keeps babies skin dry by wicking away moisture. So far no matter how wet the insert his skin is dry. You stuff this insert(it comes with the diaper) into the back or front on this brand(Nicki's) or just in the back on the other(Imagine), snap it up to the right size. These are one size meaning you can make it really small for a newborn or large. I like these so much and read reviews that they are good for older children that are bed wetters that I sold everything I previously owned and ordered lots more of these!
My other favorite is the wool covers and just laying an insert in the cover, but these just mostly for cutness.
Happy cloth diapering!

a weekly peak

We've had a nice week. Working on purging and organizing everything top to bottom in the cabin. I had let so much go and let so many things come in and build up thinking we would be moving soon that it was getting very tight and cluttered, plus hubby is finishing the kitchen and putting in shelves in places. The kitchen is almost finished, already feeling so much better with counter tops and places to put things.
The children have been spending the larger portion of their days outside building tree forts and such in the pines. Having war, spying, and all kinds of keeping "house". Baby S has been enjoying his time under the pines finding sticks and whatnots to feel and taste.
We have been studying Christopher Columbus this week, the littles and I. I have always thought of this guy as some sort a hero but I'm having to rethink this as I read. I do realize that books come from a "mans" bent and can somewhat be distorted from the whole truth. But over all I'm developing this thought that he was some sort of a whiny little man that was a bit mean spirited. One who thought he deserved more than he got or maybe he thought more highly of himself than he really was...hmmm
Anyhow I'm starting with him to go further into a study about the new world then the pilgrims/Indians in time for thanksgiving. We have usually done this sort of study in a smallish way closer to the actual holiday. This year I'm planning a little more depth, incorporating some crafts and art.
A wonderful thing happened ~ someone called me to come pick greenbeans!  I got five gallons making ten quarts canned! We are just getting a bit from our garden to eat on. The lettuce, spinach, beets, turnips, and snow peas are up and doing well thus far. When I get back out there I will have to get some pictures and actually get a look for myself. Hubby has been the one giving me updates and picking.
As I've mentioned before Fall is Coming!! And I just have a wonderful excitement. The leaves are changing. The air is different. We all wait with high hopes for a wonderful fall, already really feeling like it's somewhat here.


Sunday, August 16, 2015


We have finally hung a clothes line maybe a bit late but better late then never. We are hanging clothes out now and I can't even express how happy I am. I feel so fulfilled to hang laundry see it drying in the breeze and know I'm saving money with every load hung. 
Cowboys and cowgirls have been coming and going building forts and such. The bigs have hung a rope swing adding a board making it easier on bums. There has been circus acts ~ juggling and balancing. We are milking both goats twice a day now getting a little over a half gallon a day. All of the sudden just a day apart both the twin babies have died ~ no marks no tracks...just dead. We are sad and really just don't know what happened. 

There has been a pause on working on the cottage. We have talked it over and decided what is best is to finish out a bit more of where we are. We were hoping to be in by fall, or maybe that was just my hopes anyhow we are not going to be. Sometimes things just don't go as planned and sometimes you have to step back, evaluate what is important, and just take one day at a time. Relationships and daddy being home is a precious thing that you can never get back. Houses are just houses and we'll get there one day. but today we are slowing down and focusing. 

Can you believe the leaves are starting to change. The season is shifting right before my very eyes. Oh where is time going. My baby is growing by leaps and bounds and there's not a thing I can do about it. My heart aches for time to slow down. 
He is standing on his own now going up down up down, cruising when he reaches a piece of furniture but not bothered to just crawl sometimes on his hands and knees, sometimes on his hands and feet like a little monkey.  He is working on sippy cups not figuring out how to suck with the stopper in yet choking without it, so we are having to use a bottle for him to actually drink and be satisfied. I'm not thrilled with this as I do not want him weaned to a bottle ~ so we practice.

Don't drain the pool I hear off and on now for the last couple weeks, we're growing frogs!  I've been informed that tadpoles eat algae so the water stays clear, oh and mosquitoe eggs so that won't be a problem. Well folks here you have it a very large science experiment ~ watching tadpoles turn into the backyard. Look that one has legs!  These are very exciting days for a couple certain little boys and big brothers who explain the process to them as we go.

Friday, August 7, 2015

This week a long house has been built out of materials lying around. Lessons have been done sporadically, very little knitting, but some reading. It is just the beginning of the week, but so far it's been hot and irritable for most everyone. Mostly I have been on the cranky side with feeling like my walls are closing in on me. Baby has been teething and not sleeping ~ nursing again as if he were a newborn. My days feel long and hazy with fog brain. If you are a mama, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about ~ right??
I thought, really I should just stay away from the blog world and keep the struggle of life this week to myself, then I thought, meh I should share and be real and transparent. I'm a wife/mama/woman with a good, blessed life, with hard times and struggles just like others.
One of my favorite things to do right now is go down to the cottage and sit~knit, read, watch work being done. I get to hang out with hubby while he works and have grown up chit chat off and on but mostly just a lot of joking because that's just the kind of family we are. If you take things to seriously with this amount of people you might find yourself very unhappy. We have learned ~ you either cry or laugh at life, we usually choose laugh. Anyway I get down there about once a week and try to make a day of it. I'm needed some for laying out and planning exactly how I want things...whew. I'm glad I get to be there for that, the garden also needs tending to and I do enjoy checking each week on how everything is coming along.
Sis and I planted a smallish fall garden, something I have never done. Beets, turnips, lettuce, spinach, peas, carrots, and some early producing tomatoes. I may have been to optimistic about the tomatoes, we shall just have to see. Much to my dismay the deer have clipped off all of my bush beans...again. They are starting to grow leaves again. Maybe I should try to detour the deer...hmmm. We have tiny little melons and butternut squash coming on. Lots of green tomatoes and a couple cucumbers here and there.
Here's to a better second half of the week!


Today me and my trusty sidekick have been super busy!  We have made twenty-four pounds of soap to go along with the twenty-four pounds we made the other day. I'm hoping to be stocked up enough to not have to make much more for the remaining season. My brain was not with me upon a couple of occasions during the making and I did make a couple of mistakes. I hope you herbal mint soap lovers don't mind some orange essential oil thrown in there...eek!  
Beans ~ black eyed peas and turtle have been soaking all day to be cooked for lunches. Tomatoes were roasted ~ something I've never done before, for pizza sauce, which I actually use for spaghetti sauce sometimes. I'll have to finish cooking and freezing the sauce tomorrow as I have just plain run out of time. 
About twenty-two pounds of bananas were frozen, to be used in smoothies for our snacks. I have gotten away from smoothies for some reason, but have come across a couple reciepes I would like to try, so we are moving forward with this kind of health food again. Some of the bananas were way to ripe even for freezing, those got tossed into the making of some faboous banana bread ~ one loaf for a bed time snack, the other for breakfast. 
With all this fixing my sidekicks main job was to wash the crazy amount of dishes, along with helping with baby and just being an extra set of hands when needed. A couple of the littles thought that the peeling of ALL those bananas would be fun, so they jumped in to help out, succumbing to their weekness of having to have a bite here and there.  
All this busy day of making went along with lessons, of course a tired and cranky mama, a teething baby, quite a bit of very rowdy children, chasing goats off the porch for the umpteenth time, laundry, naps, making meals/snacks, lots of music and laughter and maybe some correcting/disciplining. 
I'm very happy to have got so much done and very happy to be going to bed!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

around the corner

Hello August,
Though we do have a bit of summer left it feels as though it is coming to some sort of end. As our Friday evening movies in the park come to and end, we start to fall into a rythym of lessons. The days are still so so hot but it does feel like fall is right around the corner. We are in full swing with Saturday market. Sitting up there has not been for me this season, but for my daughter. She loves to be social and make a bit of money at the same time. With these 90 F plus days the heat is intensified coming off the pavement. The tent most definitely helps shield the sun but you can just feel the heat trying to break its way through. I toughed it out this Saturday just to visit with missed customers and the neighborly vendors. There is a special man that shows up before everyone and stays until everyone is gone. He makes sure all signs and people are in their places. He makes sure every vendor has water through the whole market and he has provided me with a fan to move air upon multiple occasions. We are grateful for him and all his helpers!
Hubby and his helpers are finished mostly with the tearing out of the cottage and are starting, much to my excitement, to build back!!  It is starting to look great around the outside there and we are so very excited and getting a bit impatient to be there fully. Part of the swing set I bought (used) has been put up and we enjoy hanging out there while the men folk work.
This is the very large barn that will be coming down later to be used for wood on other projects.
I received my first issue of Taproot last month and really haven't even had time to sit down with it. I would consider this magazine as more bookish then magazineish as it will take me a good while to get through. I did glance through it and showed it to hubby to ask him if we had Sumac around. He thinks this is it. I will be aware to see if it developes berries. I would like to try the drink that was written about.
Isn't cutie baby so cute in his bike helmet on his "bike" watching daddy jump boards around the house.
I hope August is good to you!

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