Tuesday, September 22, 2015

tree frog

Can you find him?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

tid bits


pumpkin bread for breakfast
my new favorite coffee cup
a new and improved fort
shelves being made
a pilgrims help


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

a moment

The smell of chocolate cake baking in the oven ~ girls waiting excitedly to icing with their new decorating tool. The breeze blowing in the windows, the littlest boys napping. A visit from Granny. I have been organizing our food storage today, filling buckets from bags of bulk beans and such. D has been away roofing on and off for days (wow one child being away is nice:)  Hubby has been working on the outside finishing up the metal wrapping and insulating more on the outside walls. Little miss received a real and very smallish sewing machine from her granny. She is pretty excited!

Enjoying the day,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

slowing down ~

It's time to be working towards a slower rythym in our home, though we have started lessons I don't feel we are fully in the stay at home rythym yet. I know deep inside me it's time to slow way down to start fully directing our focus on home. I am making more of an effort to go to town only once a week, to say no to the outside world, to be intentional with my children. Rythyms, to me are a way of life, not a rigid schedule but a flow to ones day. 
I still have canning to do ~ tomatoes, jelly, potatoes, and applesauce mainly focussing on jelly and applesauce. We have farmers market through the end of October, throwing in a couple festivals we are going to try this year. I'm hoping the festivals will be worth while and provide some extra income for the winter, our hardest time of year. 

The children have been writing songs off and on, thought I would share a couple. They are mostly tid bits they say, not really completing them due to running out of thoughts. Maybe one will turn out to be an actual song writer, maybe not. One of the bigs has taught himself to play guitar and is really quite good, being creative at coming up with his own tunes. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the middle of love other times an exciting Mexican dance!

Hope you're enjoying your September!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

hanging in there

The last days drag on for me. As I think to myself ~ just a few more days the forecast says hoping for them to be correct. Today is supposed to be the last hot 90 degree day. 
We have introduced baby S to board books, mostly the feeling kind. Over the years we have collected quite a few making a lovely stack for him to choose from. I never really remember ever actually "choosing" to introduce books to any of the children, thinking oh I wonder if they are ready. Turns out he was very ready as he loves books and loves being read to. He is more than happy to sit still as you read to him, even waiting with excitement for you to help him touch the pages.  He has picked his favorites always going to them first
The middles have mDe another movie. This is an occasional happening they get fixed on for a period of time. They will get all dressed up, discuss and plan who they are to be, grab big sisters tablet and off they go. It really is a treat to watch these little snippets of imaginary play "on film". 
The girls and I hosted a baby shower over the weekend for a long time friend expecting her sixth. It was a fun time with a superhero theme celebrating a fellow "super mom". I'm very thankful to my bigs who helped me cut up fruit and prepare the night before. 
Yesterday we canned twenty-eight quarts of pears(a first for me). I am very grateful for neighborly folks that share their abundance. We have been able to pick here for the last few years. We are always so happy to have this , not knowing how much longer this blessing will be around as they are quite elderly. 

...And this ~ this is what it looks like when a very mischievous naughty three year old pours a whole bottle of mama's she butter oil over the baby's head...and the bed...and the carpet. 

Blessed to have a full week,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

this and that

pickles have been made
a certain someone has big boy pj's
we have baby gates
baby hat yarn has arrived
more greenbeans have been picked and canned
rides on grandmas "toys"
skirts have been up cycled from size 14 to a 7/8 for little miss
a boy and a dog(she is so sweet to him, when he is brought out she wants to be near him)


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