Saturday, October 31, 2015

Committments and such

A daddy daughter special gift ~ a commitment ~ to take care of, provide for, protect. To cherish, guard, to love.

Trying out the cutest sewing machine ever making a pillow. Little miss embroidered the front a while ago. She was excited to be able to see a pillow on her own(with help from a very handy granny and brother)

Apple puff pancake

Lots of games are going on here. Sol couldn't wait to get a hold of those checkers.


It's been a slower week with me ending up ill by the end and still over the weekend. Today even though I'm not all the way myself has been a very relaxing full day. A new reciepe of coffee cake baked in the cast iron skillet, banana bread for snacks, and a yummy "breakfastish" dinner ~ biscuits/sausage/whipped sweet potatoes.

It has been truly a picturesque fall day with the trees beautiful in color, the wind blowing making the leaves fall, the ground covered in leafy crunch. Cool enough for layers and blankets if sitting outside but nice enough for running around type play and drying diapers on the line.

Solly(baby S) has fully entered the beginnings of a new phase where he doesn't stay still long enough to sit and eat ~ meals are a must sit at the table at least for a. Lille bites, snacks may have to be on a chair so that he may run around and grab a bite when he remembers. Diaper changes and getting dressed take waaaay to much time, reading books now consists of maybe one page then he must close the book and be off. Nursing is a must in his opinion but only for a few minutes, with quick hugs and coming to find me periodically in between just to make sure I'm still around.

We have begun settleing in for cozy days and crafting. I've been working on a list of what we shall make this year for the holidays ~ for our home and for giving. I've been knitting here and there, still trying to get hats done for each of the littles and for a couple gifts.
It seems to me when I was younger sewing and crafting, cooking and baking, canning, cleaning, and laundry, among many other things were so stressful and daunting, always trying to "get done" ready to move on to the next thing, that I never really enjoyed anything. I don't know what's changed now but everything seems so different. I enjoy putting my hands to work in my home, crafting, cleaning, even...laundry. Another thing head doesn't feel as foggy as it used to, I can understand how to do things like knit or sew where as before I just couldn't "get it". It has definitely made like more enjoyable!

A while back I found a sewing pattern for cloth diaper pants, you know cloth diaper babies can't just were ANY pants, there has to be room for that puffy bottom. I was so blessed to be able to go to a friends house and her show me how to work this pants pattern, how to cut it out and put them together ~ today I have cut out many pants and have pinned them together ready for sewing.

The last of the tomatoes ~ a gift from my mother.

Can you just believe we are already having to say goodbye to this lovely month of October. It has come and went way to quickly for my liking for it is my most favorite month.


Thursday, October 22, 2015


Concrete has been poured for a garage, which will give us ample space to store many household items, bulk food, clothing totes, tools, and random stuff that won't fit or just doesn't need to be in the house.  We are very excited to have this "extra" space. 

~ Berries for play have been picked and cooked and eaten...pretend is so much more fun when it has nature involved.  Little miss has planted a buckeye tree ~ not in a good spot mind you, but due to wanting to "do it herself" it has been planted.  

We are enjoying autumn so much on our place and in our new home.  We were building here last year and didn't get to really enjoy all of our surroundings as this year.  The light is so beautiful how it shines in the cabin.  Baby is enjoying the access to the in and out world when we are able to leave the door open during the day.  

~ Our chicks have arrived... twenty red sex-link and four buff orpington.  I would have just ordered the reds for laying purposes, but we so enjoy the buffs with their disposition.  They have always been the children's favorite to hold, and mine to watch.

~ The walls are up and now the roof is almost ready to be shingled.  Moving right along!  I just can't almost wait!

~Making and canning applesauce ~ one of my most favorite things of fall.  I tired a new apple this year...Cortland, reading that it makes very silky applesauce.  It is wonderful.  Hubby said I'm going to have to put it under lock and key if I want it to last all year.  

Hope you are having a blissful autumn!



Now I admit I am truly an experienced knitter wanna be ~ yes I know an experienced knitter must have...time to have experience!  Well I have been knitting on and off for about 10 or so years, thanks to a wonderful friend who taught me(little did she know I would be calling her this many years later to still walk me through my "stuck" parts of a pattern:)  So here you have it, the pilot cap I have been in love with for years.  I finally go up the nerve to knit it and after a very confusing part and a couple months of it's finished, and I am now more in love with it "on" my baby!  I just couldn't stop taking pictures.  Oh yes there is TWO, can you believe it, and another one on the needles...and more yarn ordered for more hats!!!

Also ~ you know I don't have internet at home, well on a computer anyway, so most of the time that I blog I have to use my phone and the terrible pictures it takes :( 

Today I'm at the library blogging with my wonderful present I received last year form good camera that takes the most wonderful pictures!  I just don't get to come to the library often enough to feed this wonderful habit of mine.


Sunday, October 11, 2015


Just checking in to say ~ WOW life is not slowing down but is full fledge bursting at its seems!  Aren't I supposed to be slowing down now?  
I just want to share life pictures ~ if you have questions about anything...please ask ;)

Hunters moon festival

birthday craze

October is our biggest birthday month.  We have had dinner and lunch out, breakfast pancakes, two parties, friends, gifts, and LOTS of candles. With baby S birthday September 29th he gets thrown into the mix of October fun!

Fourth of July 2010

Forth of July 2011

Forth of July 2012