Saturday, November 28, 2015

this and that and a great thanksgiving


 Breakfast in bed.~ such a treat!  Days are shorter now, but weather has been unseasonably warm, giving us plenty of time outside in the sunshine.  We have done leaf clean up at the "cottage", and enjoyed the most biggest piles of leaves to jump in.  We are beginning work at the cottage again, much to my excitement.  We have been so up and down with what we want to do, that I think we have finally come to a final decision...I think ;)

We are down to just two goat girls who should be pregnant and ready to kid this spring, and the chickens, that should be laying this spring!  Its a weird feeling to have just a few animals, but it's good.  The goat girls have begun to put on their winter coat, so they are looking quite scroungy.  

A snake at the end of strange...

I have been thinking lately a lot about lessons and how everything will be different when we move to a different state with new and different laws.  I will have to have an actual curriculum or some sort of "something" written down to turn in and grades...oh my...grades.  How will I do grades.  I've never done grading, for many reasons, but one being I mostly do and go over their work with them so they always get everything correct, I suppose they will just have to be straight A students(whatever that really means).  I will have to be better organized for sure, and maybe set up some sort of computer filing system for ease, aaannnd maybe assign an older child to record at the end of the day!  I'm sure it will work out just fine with nothing to worry know, I'm sure I will get used to a new system, and it will be good, I think, maybe just what we really need.  

Thanksgiving was good, our third year to celebrate with friends that are either staying home or just have no where to go.  Holidays are a complicated matter for us, so we decided after talking it over with some good friends that this would be a great option.  My kiddos look forward to it every year now, having so many friends to hang out with, and all the families play games, and sing songs.  It is really a blessed event!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

around the homestead

A mud man made by a very creative little boy.

Tree swings

The pasture grasses are turning brown.

Two stray sunflowers.

A goat haven.

Our constant front door companion.

New yarn...Ginger, Soft Pink, mineral blue

A seventeenth birthday.

The garage is almost done.

The chicks are getting so big, with almost all their feathers.

Forest huts have been made
One must sweep and clean the forest you know!  
It's always nice to know that our woods has such good law enforcement to take care of any bandits!


into the woods

We finally got over to the "cottage" collected the last of the butternut squash, zinnia's, a few tomatoes, and just two very sweet pumpkins.  Then we enjoyed the day in the woods.  

These two pictures ^^ are the bottoms.  It hadn't rained, I don't know for how long, but there was water.  We were told there is a spring on the property, but we aren't sure exactly where.  

One of the girls took this picture...maybe a home for a critter, they thought!

 This is a little "lane" behind our woods, kind of between our property and the next.

This is our property from the road coming toward our home.

This is facing our home, the driveway is right in the back round.  See the little white of my favorite things!

Look at that cute little critter,, he must have wanted to be friends so he attached himself to one of the boys and went along with us.  He looked just like a tiny stick.  I've never seen one of these before and I must say we have a very creative creator! 

A ramshackle of a run in needing to be made new

Fall is Bliss!

cabin tour part one ~

I feel as though if I don't do this post of a long overdue cabin tour I just never will.  I have wanted to do this for so long, but I was really hoping to have more completely done before I did.  Well we are not sure it will even be done before moving out so I will just do an as is...we have got this far so far post...

So this is 400 sq foot of downstairs.  I just recently moved things around a bit making the "living room" and "dining room" reversed.  So oddly enough the "living room" is now in the middle and the dining table is moved down to the really seems a bit odd, but creates so much more room(if that is even possible:).  We manage quite well surprisingly, at cooking for and fitting ten people in this area.  Other than lots of noise at times it's pleasant.  You know I am very excited about moving to a larger home, but really only for just more space to put things and for me, the noise level is sometimes just to much for me.  I have been asked how we make it with only a chair and small love seat, well...we have lots of "pile ups" and asking to sit with mama, otherwise littles get the floor with blankets and pillows!  

The ONE bathroom...sometimes there's a line, but mostly the boys get to go outside, while the girls get first dibs on the inside. :) There is a flexible shower schedule, so that hasn't been to much of a problem.  Later I will talk about what we have done to "fit" everything, but just wanted to slip a shot of some of the shelves we have in the bathroom.  This holds our medicine, wash cloths, cloth diapers, essential oils, feminine products, and a few extras.  The sprayer on the bottom shelf is for the cloth diapers. :)

We are very grateful for where we are, only being a year before we were basically homeless. Can you believe we have only been here a year.  I'm rather exhausted, and I know my hubby is.  We have high hopes of settling down quite soon (fingers crossed)

I do hope you enjoy the tour as I will be "trying" to do a couple parts through out the weeks. 



Life is settling down much to my liking. It's so much easier to keep the home up and spend time where it is needed when I can be home. November has been very pleasant so far with temperatures mostly in the upper 50's to lower 60's during the day and upper 30's at night. Food has been soups and chilies with lots of baked goods. I think because there are so many of us in this small space we haven't needed any heat.

Sol has not been himself lately ~ screaming, crying excessively  he has been making the funniest faces. I really think he is just growing and changing and this is all just so new to him, how he is feeling. Not knowing how to react to brothers taking toys and books. Walking and wanting to run and climb on and over everything, but not being big enough just yet so falling more than usual. Wanting to eat everything we are eating, but not being big enough to chew and swallow chips and such. It is all very frustrating for such a big, yet so little person.

We have been settled in doing crafts and knitting, coloring and lessons, meal planning. I'm gearing towards stepping it up with some of the littles in doing more around the house, maybe washing dishes, sweeping, folding laundry. I think sometimes because I have the bigs I just let the littles slide and not do much, but as I read a certain book it's making me think, I'm not helping them by not requiring much out of them. We are a large family after all and everyone should have a part and actually do it.

Today I am peaceful, I feel at rest and am enjoying life!

Blessing to you and I pray you can slow down a bit, breath deep and enjoy your life.


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