Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oh this weather

Days like these are few in the winter months and you just have to grab them up like its spring time and do a little "spring" cleaning. We have cleaned the hard burning lots of junk wood that has been sitting around. Decluttered the house a bit, taking a truck load to storage, to be gone through later. Children have been running around all day in tshirts and bare feet. Oh it feels so good to be outside breathing in deeply this wonderful fresh air, hearing the birds chattering back and forth like they are telling stories of how happy they are.

The chickens are half grown now and should be laying come true spring.
Yarn has come for a dress to be made for a certain little miss ~ knit picks in twilight.

Hope you are enjoying your day where you are!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today was a good day after being somewhat lost and driven to do "something", just not knowing where to begin. So I prayed and journaled and thought and decided to just do something...anything that was off my list of want to's....I do have quit a list you know!  Well, I've been heavily on the thinking process of schooling and what I should do for my kindergartener coming up and my first grader that is truly pushed to hard. We start kindy at six years and move at a fairly quick pace with this curriculum I choose a few years ago. Little miss was doing swell until lately. I really feel that these workbook work way to fast leaving her feeling frustrated and crying almost every day, and when she doesn't cry on a particular day it because she decides to just skip what she struggles with. So I've been very interested in Waldorf for quite a few years and even tried do dabble a bit a couple of years ago but just never fully dove in and immersed. I don't know why, uncertainty maybe, money possibly, but probably more just intimidation mostly and maybe a little feeling like I've raised so many of the children already in such a different way that it seemed a bit silly and like a waste of time.

I've really had such a heart to heart with myself lately and how so much of life just keeps right on truckin and I feel that I don't live how I REALLY want to live, or embrace the way my heart feels mostly pulled. I feel that we are constantly in a rush to meet my own dead lines in the day and I'm not spending the time the children really need from me with them. I'm missing the being present fully in my littles because I'm so wrapped up in the dailies and the bigs schedules, that I truly feel, one day I'm going to wake up and my littles will be grown up, raised by just getting by, instead of cherished and fully loved in actions not just words.

TodayI've decided to start the change I want to action at a time.
Today we worked on being together, while I worked on writing out our daily verses and rythm they colored, drew, and told stories and asked questions, and started to memorize the verses already... of course, they have to know whacha writtin mama? and then they want to learn it now.
Today we had yummy "healthy" fudge for a morning snack.
Today we made math gnomes for fun math instead of struggling/crying math.
Today we made weather people ~ something I've wanted to make for years!

Honestly not much else got done, those gnomes and weather people took ALL day, somewhere in there a baby boy was nursed and meals were fixed, tantrums were delt with and fights broken up, a bath was given to a very quick little baby that got to the mud before one could catch him, boo boos were kissed and of course as with this many people in a small space lots of chatter and jokes and laughter.


Friday, January 15, 2016

knitting and such

Homemade buns making great yummy sandwiches, rooibos tea for a certain little boy that is going through a wide range of emotions, not really knowing where he fits in with the other kiddos...big enough to want to play with them, but just not big enough to do what they do.  Look how baby he still looks!

Knitting the easy peasy sweater, which is wonderful that it is starting to take shape now...I was worried for a long while, almost to the point of taking it out.  I think it will be just perfect.

We have been playing lots of games ~ spelling games...Paris in pears and bananagrams mostly.  They are quite fun and I think I'm having an addiction problem.  Some of my kiddos aren't very good spellers and we are finding playing these games are really helping, especially when mama and daddy are playing and we are trying to beat each other, so they really having to step it up to compete!

A new bed that isn't going swell.  I've been waking up with neck cricks and back pain so I'm thinking it would be nice to get baby S into his own bed, but he doesn't think that is a very good all.  Maybe I do have a few other tricks up my sleeve we shall try...

New fabric ~ some bought new and flannel found at the thrift store!  What shall I make...I have some if I can just get back into the sewing mood.
Look at that boy...I can't keep clothes on him, let alone a coat!  Oh my!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

a long overdue post on a trip

Its been a while back, maybe spring...we visited a close by local state park.  This is an 1850's settlement that my heart truly loves!  It is a "living farm", where people are working here all week, and people visit and get to enjoy hands on activities.  This is the time era that IF I had to pick to be born in other then now, that I would choose.  I love the simplicity of this farm.  There was so much hard work done on a farm like this, but such as at the end of the day you went to bed tired and satisfied...maybe.
We went with a great homeschooling group of friends and just had a wonderful time.  


christmas photos

Well we had good intentions of Christmas cards this year, spurred on by Big Sis, but well, you know...just look!  Yes yes I know "oh we love "real" photos" "This just really shows "who they are".  This all may be good and true, but I'm just not liking that someone always has to be a goof-ball and mess up the picture.  Why is it that family photos are so hard!  Not to mention keeping this clean(cutie baby just HAD to get his knees dirty).  Truth be told I live with a large group of goof-balls, always cracking a joke or making fun(all with good intentions of course).  There really just isn't much seriousness that goes on in our home.  When most people get hurt, one that is a witness comforts them, well not in this home if YOU get hurt, it's all out to see who can get you to laugh first.  Now I'm not always in agreement with this you know.  I believe there should be comfort and at least some "effort" to take things seriously...sometimes, but when it starts with the head on down, I'm just plain out right, outnumbered. you go MERRY CHRISTMAS...late of course :)  

OH MY GOODNESS!  LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!!  I could do a post just on his cuteness, ya know!!!
He made taking picture ALL worth it!  Don't tell anyone, but mama bribed smiles with a gummy candy cane!  Shhhhhh



This was our last birthday for the year 2015 finishing off the Year of breakfasts out and getting to pick out his own gift.  We will be definitely continuing the breakfast out with just mama and daddy, but this next year I will be purchasing or making the gifts for them to unwrap.  I didn't care for them not to have wonderful surprises for their was just odd. 
A boy turning ten is an exciting thing around these parts.  He got his birthday breakfast, then off to pick out his from us and the grandparents.  For the rest of the day he just go to hang out and play, not having to do any chores, getting to pick his dinner and dessert.  Homemade carrot cake it was(a first for me).  It turned out...YUM!


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