Thursday, February 25, 2016

jello playdoh

I don't know what got into me the other was late, time to be winding the children down for bed for sure, but I was so excited to make play doh with the jello for color, that I just couldn't help myself.  It turned out great and smelled good too!

Want to make some?
Here you go...
1 cup water
1/2 cup oil
2 tablespoons cream of tarter
2 tablespoons salt
1 cup flour plus
1 small box jello mix any color

Here's what I did...
warmed the liquid
then mixed in the cream of tarter and salt good (while over heat)
added flour and jello mix
stir while over the heat really good, until it starts to get stiff
take off heat and continue stiring in more flour (a little at a time) until it gets pretty stiff
turn out onto a floured surface and knead in more flour until it is nice and thick and not sticky

Because the children mixed in their own flour we had to go back the next day and knead in more flour because it was to sticky.  Once we did that it was perfect.

Have fun!

a typical day


Scientific hypothesis ~ testing to see what floats and doesn't float
the first flowers...just a few :)
salmon patties
a typical day with these two
enjoying tearing up the flowers :(


Sunday, February 21, 2016

here i am

I've been thinking on the hospitality topic lately.  Years ago, eight to be exact, I used to have people over and parties at my house on a regular basis and I guess after we sold that house, which was a good size, I decided it was just to difficult.  My houses since then have been a the smallish side of tiny and unless weather is conducive to entertain outside, its just been to crowed (for my liking) I suppose.  So slowly, slowly I have let that side of me go.  It was hard at first, then relaxing, not to have to worry with all the energy it takes, but now I'm missing that and how much I really enjoying entertaining and being hospitable.  I love decorating and fixing up, and coming up with little tid bits of cuteness and uniqueness for guests.  I am a very gifts oriented person and to me doing this is like loving and caring for people.  Now some could honestly care less, but for me this is one of my passions I suppose and its so much fun for me!  My Mary girl used to love following me around, helping set everything up, cutting flowers, folding napkins, and just partaking.  She has memories of people over all the time and lots and lots of tea parties.  I do think we had a tea party at least once a week when she was smaller.  Oh that was so much fun!

So here I am, I feel like after so long a part of me is becoming alive again, and I am ready.  We are still in the tiny house and most everything I own is in storage, but I am just working with it the best I can for now.  I am very excited to be in the new house soon and fully entertaining!

Happy day to YOU!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

i love you

We had our valentine party/hang out here at the house...and it was crowed!  That's a lot of small kiddos, babies and mamas for 400 sq feet, but it was fun!  We ate, played games, and made a bird treat to hang outside.  They were concentrating on building those heart towers!


on the actually day hubby worked, so the evening before, him and I were working at the house while back at the cabin the kiddies were decorating up a surprise and even sending D out to buy some goodies for our evening.  It's definitely a different way now that I have another driving person in the house.

I hope you had a "lovely" valentines day with your family!

fine learnin and fun playin

I really find that the best learning is the natural kind...don't you!  What about the kind of learning that opens the doors to their passions, like making a book for your friends because you love to draw and you know they love to color, or maybe the kind done through pretend play like being pirates and counting your treasure!  What about the kind of learning that isn't "book" smart but character smart.  Like learning to share and help build up others, saying kind words, like "you can do it" and cheering them on..."yay Solly"!  

This week we borrowed oak meadow first grade from a friend and just dove right in, after figuring out where to exactly dive in that is.  I went through and figured out what week we would really be in and decided that KK was absolutely ready and could do it, so here we are week 22 and doing pretty great.  I do feel like because she has done advanced work comparatively that she might feel a little lazy because there just really isn't much expected from first grade, especially when you already know how to read and you are going "backwards" in math.  But this is good, she is happy.  We are supplementing her reading that she was previously doing, just because she enjoys it and is doing quite well reading and answering questions.  For math as you can see in the top picture she is doing division problems, on her own accord actually.  I was working with JI, she overheard and wanted to take part.  In her school it wants her to know the mathematical signs and understand the concept through manipulative s.  I thought that might me a bit difficult, but she caught right on and enjoyed doing it!

Part of my rhythm of the day is my morning tea!  Just to sit and wake up and think and know that I don't have to get up and do anything before I drink my tea is so nice.  I may choose to drink it fast or realllly slow.  My time ;)

He has learned to blow kisses!   We are so in love with this cutie baby!


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