Monday, March 21, 2016


What happened to our wonderful warm weather!  Spring is here with weather reverting back to winter, but just for a couple of days...I hope!  

Progress is being made at the cottage, with wiring going in, the ceiling is almost complete, one plank wall finished and another one started.  

We are clearing and burning brush around the yard, cutting smaller tress and LOTS of briers.  Also burning what can be out of the barn, where EVERYTHING has gotten thrown from the house gutting. 

Baby S has dreads ~ not on purpose, mind you, just lack of brushing. ;)

Happy Spring!

change me

 Today I am faced with the reality that marriage is hard.  A lot of me says "it would be easier to just give up", but knowing that it really wouldn't be ~ I choose to press on, leaning on God's strength, trusting that he loves me and will see me through, see US through.  

Recently I was asked if I thought marriage was harder for some than others.  I really thought that was a good question, that I couldn't answer completely.  Mostly because I'm not involved in everyone's marriage and can only really speak from what I know and read I guess.  I'm sure, like all things in life somethings just come more naturally for some than others, marriage included.  I suppose choices throughout life probably has something to do with it.  I suppose one's relationship with the creator could play a role also.  I'm sure there are many, many faucets that can make marriage harder or not.  

For me and J, we have been together for twenty years, married for eighteen of them.  I can honestly say we have felt like we have been to hell and back a few times.  We haven't made great choices throughout and I'm sure that hasn't helped. :) I would say it has gotten easier in many ways and then also harder, for we face different obstacles and challenges now, that we haven't ever experienced.  As people grow, lots change including the people themselves, some of that change is great...maturity and such and some is hard to accept, maybe just getting older in and of itself.  I'm finding that not only do you have to accept the other person, but you also have to accept yourself.  For us well, lets just say we are two VERY different people, with VERY different personalities.   Everything from what we like to how we handle things are VERY different.  But you know that's OK (I can say this now, where even last year I couldn't have), because God is our maker and he knows us and He has a plan for us, and even though walking this thing out is major difficult sometimes it is worth it.

So why am I sharing this, well because as a women, a married one at that, I love honesty, and openness.  Because people like to say how great things are and how well things seem to go, but what about the hard times?  What about encouraging one from what you wouldn't want anyone to know, about how really hard it is sometimes.  Honesty doesn't make a person week or insignificant, or less of a "christian".  It just means they are the ONE person out of many that are willing to open up and share what life really is behind closed doors.  Truth is liberating and helpful and encouraging.  Truth is letting others know that "hey, yes, life is not always peaches and cream, and more than that ~ marriage is tough, one of the hardest things I'VE ever done.  It changes, you daily, grows you, brings you closer to Jesus, makes you give up yourself and your own desires, trading them in for HIM and HIS desires.

So I want to encourage you to keep pressing on, seeking God and pray...

My prayer is not for Him to fix a certain area, for there isn't just "an area", or change a specific thing, or attitude, but my prayer today is for Him TO CHANGE ME.  With no expectations, no preconceived ideas,just simply faith in knowing He answers prayer and I want him to start with ME.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

mama on the job

Isn't this what goes on at work?  Isn't working supposed to be fun!  I'm sure they have all kinds of fun without me, so today I thought I would join them.  I have informed Jer that he will have to teach me how to use power tools, so that I can build all the furniture and toys that I have on my wish what better way to learn then building a plank wall.

What's that you say...the nail gun is supposed to be aimed at the wall...oh this building stuff is to precise for me, but I guess I'll press on, we have a LOT more plank walls to build!

With mama away so much and the bigs pitching in so much we decided a night out for appetizers would be just the right kind of fun!

plant a seed, watch it grow

Something new this year!  Planting seeds in jugs and keeping them outside.  I suppose they are supposed to serve as "mini" green houses, only there is little to know work after the seeds are planted.  This method is perfect if you live in a small space or if you just simply don't have room to plant anywhere else.  The jugs stay outside, and all you have to do is check their moisture and give them a spray or two to keep them moist and on nice warm days just open the jug for some fresh air and sun.   Another perk to this method is there is no hardening off the plants!

Want to give it a go?  Well here's the method to this madness...

>Use a clean jug that is clear and cut it in half with a knife leaving a good portion on one side for it to hinge open and closed.  (I purchased water jugs for eighty cents and used the water on the cool garden)
>Next using a pretty good sized nail poke holes in the bottom for drainage
>Mix up your planting soil ~ I used just a cheep potting soil and ammended it with an organic plant food.  The ratio was one quart to 1 1/2 Tablespoon.
>You can either mix up a bunch in a bucket or just right in the container.  (I did both and prefer to just mix it in the container)
>Get you seeds and plant ~ I did three rows of three, so in one jug I will have nine plants
>spray you soil until good and moist
>duck tape it shut
>lastly label that jug so you know what is growing and how many days...don't forget to add your planting date, just in case you forget!

*be sure to leave the lids off for your "greenhouse" to breath.
*you can plant hardy plants this way starting in February and the more fragile ones the beginning of March.

There you go and we will just have to see how this works out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

at the river

It was an ordinary day, starting off with lessons, legos, hair cuts, laundry, and ended up with swimming, running, climbing, and sand at Clark's River.  It was a good day!

A bit about this place?  It used to be overtaken mostly by brush and trees, not having much sand, only sharp rocks, and the water was mostly deep areas, not pleasant for smaller children for wading in.  There wasn't really even a place to put a blanket to enjoy sitting.  But now ~ now it's quite lovely.  There is sand, level water, and nice rocks for walking, a couple short trails, and  wonderful places for blankets and chairs.  What a great place to end a long day at, or come with friends, or have a quiet picnic at while doing lessons in the middle of the day. 


her garden and the chickens

The weather has been unseasonably warm, to warm to pass up planting a garden!  I've never really planted a "cool" weather garden, so I hope it turns out. :)

Lets see ~ I planted red and yellow onions, sugar snap peas, kale, spinach, romaine, turnips, and cabbage.  The bigger boys put my trellis up for the peas, so that is done, the littles covered my rows, and the middle boys brought me load after load of goat poo to fertlize.  Look at all those worms coming out of the poo and into my garden!

We moved the chickens to the big pasture, making the mistake of letting them out to soon...they didn't want to go up when it was evening, but instead ventured back over to where they were before, so the boys had to catch them and put them up.  Now we are waiting a few days and also waiting on the rooster that will be put in with them to watch over them and keep them in line.  Roosters are good at that you know, keeping all the girls together, instead of spreading out all over the place.

This guy loves to seek out and find the mud, no matter what you do or where you put him he will find it.  He loves to squeeze his toes down into it, eat it, touch it.  Our yard is on a bit of a slope and gets all the rain water from the upper field, making it muddy and to where not much grass wants to grow.

Happy almost spring

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