Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good bye May, Hello June

The kiddie pool is up...a great way for everyone to cool off. Outside work is so much more pleasant when you can be cooled off by being wet while you work. We didn't pick berries this year, a first for us in many years. We did stop at the new local patch and buy some already picked, just to taste fresh!

It does seem like we have tons of poison ivy all around us this year and we've been finding lots of turtles...snapping and box.

School is still on hold as our days have been full of other things. I've been trying to order oils and catch up on making soap ~ which is a long and time consuming process. It seems just the dailies of summer...mowing, laundry, food, garden, chickens, and playing with children takes up most of the days/week. We've been spending as much time as we can at the lake. Being at the water is so peaceful and when one can "escape" daily life to be by the water, why wouldn't they?!

Oh this baby never wants to leave my side!

So we say good by to May and welcome June with open arms. Summer is moving right in and taking over.

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