Monday, October 10, 2016

a little bit of autumn

 October has been full so far, with birthdays and such.  We have had a second, fifteenth, thirty-eighth, and soon to be eighteenth birthday!!!  Wow celebrating has been full and fun!  We have picked out pumpkins, for the porch, Annie our new puppy has gotten so big, for her size anyway, we are still working on the new house, hopeful to be moved very soon.  Fall treats are being made often, cool night bike rides, gathering walnuts that can't be mowed.  I have picked my knitting back up, right where I left off at the end of winter last year.  My how it seems so far back, but not really.  Its a bit odd, you know to start back on something you left off with, just to feel like it was just yesterday in your remembering where you were.  I though I might of just sounded a bit like Pooh Bear!  :)

We are digging for the plumbing now, much to our excitement!  After the plumbing is done and a couple more wires hooked up we will be moving in!  Though really we have practically already moved in.  The girls room is all set up, as is the living room and some of the dining/kitchen area.  We just got done with the cabinets and counter top.  More on that later...hopefully.  I have to say I have been decorating for fall all around the construction ~ hehehe.  Jer says it is the most decorated uninhabited house he's ever seen! :)

We are enjoying where we are right now, but still a bit anxious to move.


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