Saturday, October 15, 2016


Oh that hat!  A new favorite lately...she has been wearing it often!

Our house remodel is almost complete, well complete enough to move in, finishing tidbits along the way...after we move in.  This remodel has been the most challenging one in the eight years of doing this.  We have basically bought and sold house after house for eight years, after we completely renovated our first house we ever bought fifteen years ago.  Was that confusing?!  I do vow to NEVER do this again :) totally remodel, that is!  We are say the least, though I will have to say, this weather has given us a new energy to finish.  I know we will enjoy life to the fullest again...soon!

I must say that I have decorated every square that I can get to, that's been finished!  We've moved quite a bit in already, trying to clear out storage as much as possible.  It's nice to see things that have been packed away for so long.  We enjoy being their now, while Jer works on what needs to be finished.  I can relax and knit while the kiddos run around playing.  The water should be finished TODAY, that's!!!  We are planning on moving in after the water is done and he finishes hooking up a couple wires.  We are so excited!

We got the chance to use my fire pit the other day, when temps were cooler.  Can anything be better then knitting and reading and doing lessons on the deck with a toasty fire!

The boys and Jer are digging under the house trying to detour water from coming in one spot of the basement floor.  It was hard work, but watching the littles help carry buckets of dirt out for the big guys was a treat.  They wanted to help so badly.  It was mostly dug out already, they just had a bit more to go to hit bottom.  Oh the memories we are surely making!

I decided to repaint my cabinets from a seaish blue to this mustard yellow...LOVE!
The buffet was left by the previous owner.  Jer stripped and fixed, and I painted it.  I really like how it turned out, not sure of the color at the beginning.  I think it works perfectly with the blandish colors in the living room though.  It dresses everything up and makes it feel so bright and cheery in there.

When all is finished and we're moved in, I hope to do a little house tour!


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