Friday, October 7, 2016

birthday bliss

We are full force in the celebrating season with ten birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, and an anniversary in just six months time, Let the celebrating begin!
Its a little two early in the morning for pictures!  I can't believe he's TWO, my baby, my Solly.  Can it really be and does he have to grow up like the rest of them?  Can't he just stay small and cuddly!  He was so much fun on his birthday, making the funniest faces and opening his presents.  He didn't care about anything he got, he just wanted to "unwrap more presents".  For the two following birthdays, he thought all the gifts were his and he wasn't about to let them unwrap them without him!  Its a good thing he's so small and cute!
M choose to have her birthday breakfast out with just mama, and dad, then off to buy pumpkins, and pick out a desk/vanity for her bedroom.  She got to open the rest of her gifts later in the afternoon with the rest of the family.
Jer just wanted to defy all tradition and have eggs and toast for his breakfast, then open gifts.  I ended up not feeling well as the day progressed, so he got to go out and ride for a few hours.  We all went out for pizza later that evening, which was fun for everyone and I didn't have to cook!  It was fun doing all the different activities for all the birthdays, sometimes I feel like its hard to do the same thing for everyone, since all the birthdays are so close.  It get's kind of hum drum...ya know!

Well Happy Birthday to my Baby S, my big girl and my hubby!  Life is a blast with all of you and never boring!

Oh we did have a big party with lots of family and friends for the three!  My sister makes cakes and likes to give that as her gifts!  She did such a great job!  Solly is super into Cookie Monster right now, so he loved his, of course!

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