Sunday, October 23, 2016


We had the opportunity to go to the discovery park only 45 minutes from where we live.  It was fun seeing all the different variety of learning.  Science, history, exploration.  I of course was behind the camera, so you get to see my favorites! :)
My heart truly belongs to log cabin and old time living history.  I can never get enough of seeing the old ways of life and figuring out how to embrace it for my own life.  Being very thankful where I am with modern conveniences, I just love to treasure some of the simplicity of history.
It was a pretty warm day so the kiddos enjoyed soaking their feet in the cool fountain.  The kids enjoyed all of what they say, but I think their favorite was the huge slide they got to go down as many times as they wanted.  I didn't get a picture of that...I don't know why.  The littles loved the play area, that I didn't actually discover until about the last 45 minutes of our visit.  They played non stop while I relaxed.  It was a fun but long day! 

*a neat fact...Jers dad and uncle bought and restored cars just like the first three pictured above!
Also Jer being a firefighter it's always neat to see old fire trucks and read about their history.  He thought it was funny that they had fire trucks back then, but they were't strong or big enough to pack the men, so the fire truck went along to the fire with the men chasing behind.  


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