Sunday, October 23, 2016

this little community

A simple breakfast of eggs and toast has been fixed. The kitchen has been cleaned, so I sit drinking my hot tea and...observe.  I look around my tiny home and feel cozy and blessed.  Thankful for such a small home, that stays nice and warm from all the body heat...ten bodies in 800 square feet provides plenty of warmth!  
As I write, another few are reading, some are sleeping in, some are bundling up to go outside, and one ~ always that certain one, is looking to see if there are any breakfast leftovers.  Happily he is told "yes you may have the left over eggs".  He sits very pleased that his belly can be extra full this morning.  We all find comfort in many different things, his comfort is food.  It has taken me this long to really understand him, with this comfort, enough to know that even if it's just a tiny bit of something, after everybody is done and mostly after everything is already cleaned up, he will be back!  Some would say "nope kitchen is closed", but for him ~ he feels special and taken care of...loved, coming back for what is left and getting to sit down and enjoy the last tidbits.  As for me it's my pleasure to love him in this way.  I cherish the thoughts of him growing up with such memories of how his mama loved him so!  
I find comfort and cherish these rare quiet mornings when everyone is full and happy and busy with their own, that I can sit and drink my tea, and write.

I'm so thankful that years ago I was taught to make my home a refuge, a place where love abounds and everyone feels safe.  Safe from the outside world, influences, safe to be yourself, to relax, to enjoy life uninhibited.  To talk and laugh and cry.  This little community within these four walls is the smallest community type to live in, but so unique and special.  We have the privilege of learning how to communicate, relate, fight, make up, work together, love ~ all in a safe environment, where judgement doesn't exist and where forgiveness abounds. 

Jesus is our center, our standard, our example.  If we are aware of this truth daily and we are striving to be like Him, then our little community can only succeed!


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