Monday, November 7, 2016

keeper of the home

Something I've been thinking on~ Our homes are set up by us.  We decide what comes into our homes and as the gatekeeper of our home, we are responsible for keeping our homes pure and productive and watching over hearts.  For everyone this will look different, but lots of things will be alike also.  I was talking with a friend the other day of how unproductive I felt like my home was, of how my children are always mostly bored and unproductive, that they just want to be entertained.  She was giving me some ideas of things I could do to render this situation.  As I thought about this dilemma further, it came to me that I was just "letting" life happen, instead of "setting up" life to happen.  I wasn't requiring much, so I wasn't getting much in return.  So now I'm thinking...thinking of what I want to see in our days, what I want to see in my children.  What kind of friends would I like for my children to be.  What kinds of skills would I like for them to have.  What kind of knowledge do I want them to know.  What are we reading, playing, experimenting with, watching.  What should be priority...important to me, my husband, my family.  If I want to see the results that I desire, then I've got to put in the time and resources.


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