Monday, November 7, 2016

moved in

We are moved in!!!  I love it here.  Still getting used to everything...light switches, where everything is.  It's very different from the tiny house...strange, really.  I didn't think it would be that different, moving to a bigger house.  It's so strange to be spread out, to not turn around and there be people and everything you need at an arms reach.  Everyone and everything in my space for two years was normal and now everone is everywhere, in different places and I have to walk to get ANYTHING I need.  So many windows and lights.  A big bathroom with dirty clothes and shoes on the floor and NOT in the way.  Multiple people in the bathroom and kitchen at one time with plenty of room.  I gave ALL three littles a bath AT THE SAME TIME, making bath time much shorter.  I know this all sounds like I'm crazy and this should be normal for normal people, but for me, it's just been so long it feels that I've forgotten how this life goes outside of my tiny house world.  I am adjusting...slowly.  I know we just moved and I don't have any sort of rhythm yet.  I know it will come with time.
And this time change, oh this time change, and moving at the same time...oh my!  It may take a little longer to get into a rhythm with so much to adjust to.
Our basement, which is the boys bedrooms is not finished yet, so they are having to hunker down in the living room, shutting things down quite early.  I got done putting baby S down, with it being only eight o'clock.  I was tired, but decided it wound not be wise to go to bed that early, plus I was hungry and wanted some popcorn.  Well with all the lights off, hubs and I decided to eat our popcorn and applesauce by candlelight in the dining room.  It was nice, and quiet, and very peaceful, but we must get the basement done soon!


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